Gruunk's Junk In'na Trunk!

Remember that we're using inherent bonuses. So the armor won't have + value, just item powers & properties.

Yep. And at level 4, the inherit bonus for armor kicks in. But it's power is to grant a bonus to AC when bloodied. And at the rate you have been kicking our ass, that will be quite frequent.

I should tell you about my magic item idea of a sentient bloodthread armor named Jacques. He's a furry thong that fancies himself a ladies man. One of his special powers would be cure disease for those ladies of "questionable morales."

You never know, I may yet stick that into the game.

I will evolve Gruunk's speach over time. I will still with this style for now, but will eventually graduate to full sentences.

It's interesting that the party has several external "demons" (litterally in Tarner's case) they are dealing with. Gruunk's main barrier is himself.

Also, I think it was a good call on how to deal with magic items.

I worked up a new defender last night...a paladin so we can have some additional healing since that seems to be needed. You also warned us from the beginning that there could be fatalities, so I'm ready for whatever happens. Happy to keep playing Gruunk, but also ready to replace him in the need arises.

I actually feel really bad about what I wrote yesterday. That won't change the way I play, but I've made it a point not to kill beloved characters, and to be honest I don't want to change that now.

No worries, honestly. I actually like a DM that's not afraid to kill a character. Gruunk is a good character, but his defenses are a little rough on the monsters. We are here to have fun, both of us. And if the fun stops for either of us, it's time to change.

You should play it legit; I don't want him to NOT die because you didn't play it like your gut. Do what you think and the dice will talk. If he dies, then I have a backup. If he doesn't well, then I will taunt you mercilessly.

Paladin was my first choice for a defender but wanted to use the new Feywild stuff. The part that I don't like about Gruunk is that he slips out of "defender" mode too easily. I will likely change his daily power if he lives.

Because posts don't always translate well, I wanted to be clear my OOC post was sarcastic. I did have a nice taunt for the chieftain though that he little choked down....maybe he'll get a majestic word and be back. Who knows.

Just trying to lighten the mood since it's a little dark new with Nurse on death's door and Gruunk down.

We got like 4 inches of slow here. Time to go sledding with the kids!

Hey man, I'm cool. I'll admit that Ayeba's not my favorite player, and I've probably taken it out on the rest of you, but believe me, my emotional state is not so amazingly fragile that I can't sense sarcasm. It's cool, really.

Honestly, if the guy would just let the little stuff go, I'd be back to normal by tomorrow. But he keeps bringing up the most nitnoid nonsense, and that last shot was so obviously designed to annoy me that he finally succeeded. Before, i was trying to find common ground. Now I just want him to hurry up and quit already. And if he doesn't quit on his own, I'll probably throw him out and add him to my 'ignore' list. But either way, life will go on, and I won't lose any sleep. Christ, it's online D&D, not life and death. It was NEVER worth this much crap in any case.

Back on topic... Personally, I don't think you guys are necessarily in that bad of shape. I mean, yeah, this was designed as a tough encounter--per the game's design--and you could lose. But I don't think that's the way I would bet, even now.

I hear ya. Just makin' sure more than anything else. And yeah, Gruunk is a majestic word from being back in the action. Once the chieftain falls, the wyrmpriest should be easy, although those sonic orbs HURT!!

The one bright side is that Gruunk and Nurse have pretty much absorbed all the attacks leaving everyone else fresh! Eduardo still has a nice area effect he can do too.

That damn obelisk though...I hate shit like that because you just don't know how to "fight" it. I never thought this encounter was too hard. We played it right. You had a lucky round and put a beating down on me. That happens. My vengeance will be the crapload of snow I'm sending to Connecticut.


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