Mopsa "Mop" Whelan

Mopsa "Mop" Whelan

Personal Data
Name: Mopsa "Mop" Whelan
Alias: Macha (not yet or no longer)
Player: Adam
Plot Points: 4
Growth Pool:
Insecure d8

Values & Relationships
Duty d6 I don't owe anyone anything
Glory d8 If they fear me, they'll leave me alone
Justice d6 No one can escape what they have done
Love d8 Love is just manipulation
Power d10 I'll do whatever it takes to determine my own fate
Truth d4 Everybody has an angle
Walter d8 is just like every other man
Aina d8 I ehn't about t'let her get screwed
Jun d6 is beneath me
Lillian d12 If I drag her into my sh|te, I have to drag her out
Racheal "Badb" O'Mally d4 Partners and sisters me ass, I don't know why she hates me
Laura "Morrigan" MacIntire d6 I'll never forgive her but she's definitely on to something
Wil Whelan d6 I may be like him more than I care to admit
Vic d4 Vic treats me like a lady. I like that.

Criminal d4
d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you avoid or interfere with law enforcement.
Dirty Baggage (from Savage) d4
d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble whenever you act upon base appetites or criminal urges.
Love Me, Don't Touch Me d4
d4: Earn a PP and Exacerbate Insecure, Angry when you or others make a big deal about touching you, especially your skin.
Man I feel Like a Woman d8
d4: Spend a PP and Shift Insecure or Afraid stress to Angry stress when you overemphasize your femininity.
d8: Exacerbate your Insecure or Exhausted stress to Boost Shameless Flirt, Attractive, or Impulsive.

Shoulder to Cry On d8
d4: Recover your own Insecure or Angry Stress when you Choose to perform Stress Relief for someone else.
d8: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opposition a d6 when you share someone else’s troubles with a third party.
Weapons Master/Fencing d6
d4: Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opponent’s Injured or Afraid Stress pool against you when you’re armed.
Chi Mastery d10
Effect: Enhancement
Descriptors: Discipline
Limits: Dark Chi, Distraction, Strong Emotion
- Boost your Martial Artist, Krav Maga, or Weapons Master Distinction.
- Your body mastery turns any environment to your advantage. Spend a PP to make the current environment a 2d8 Location that becomes unavailable once it reaches zero dice.
- Act in the darkness as if you could see.
- Recover your own Injured or Exhausted Stress.
Precognition d4
Effect: Sensory
Descriptors: Magic, Touch, Near future
Limits: Traumatic Flashes, Psychic Feedback, Uncontrollable, Mute/Muffled (verbal component), Bound (gesture component)
- Learn about an object or person’s future just by touching him.
Teleportation d4
Effect: Movement
Descriptors: Portal, Magic
Limits: Concentration, Sight range, Through dangerous demi-planes, Bodies only, Mute/Muffled (verbal component), Bound (gesture component)
- Join a scene or switch to a new scene regardless of distance.
- Quickly teleport away to escape from a scene.
- Take another character with you.
- Create a small portal capable of teleporting objects
- Create a portal that alters your falling trajectory, landing
safely or off to the side.
Force Constructs d10
Effect: Control
Descriptors: Willpower, Strong emotion, (Magic)
Limits: Concentration, Line of Sight, (Specific Substance=energy), Mute/Muffled (verbal component), Bound (gesture component)
- Create an item, tool, or weapon construct which serves as a 2d8 Extra. It disappears once it reaches zero dice.
- Create a force construct inside a machine that causes it to malfunction.
- Create a net of force that catches a large, falling object.
Magical Legacy d8
d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll any die due to your magical “luck.”
d8: Add a d10 to Trouble to use a Special Effect from an Ability you do not have, connected or not.
Limits: Mute/Muffled (verbal component), Bound (gesture component)
Connected Abilities: Blast, Flight, Force Constructs, Illusion, Mind Control, Possession, Precognition, Summoning, Teleportation

Extras & Locations
-- -- --
Dorm Building 6 2d4 Privacy, Comfort/Relaxation
The Babe and the Banshee 2d4 Drinks & Dancing, Irish and sleazy/college contacts, Feminine affirmation

Pathways: Ordinary, Jock, Paranormal, Ethical, Destiny

Major: Dual, Religion and Anthropology.
Tution paid by: Fencing Scholarship.
Favorite Band: Queen.
Favorite food: Oranges

Life Changing Event: Destiny: Coming from a dysfunctional home life, Mopsa was trained by Laura Macintire in the ways of magic from a fairly young age along with a number of other girls. Upon her graduation from Secondary school and entrance to university Laura called her and Mopsa's least favorite “sister” to meet her in secret. There she told them about a prophecy she had, the three of them would form a new version of the Morrígna, a Trinity of Irish Goddesses of War. Mopsa was declared Macha, Goddess of Horses, Sovereignty, and Protection in War. A year later Laura had the two girls apply to study abroad in the US, following one of her visions. She is now attending University, wrestling with her supposed destiny and her present experience of disconnection.

Personality: Outwardly bubbly, ingratiating, supportive, and eager. With a strong desire to prove herself at anything she does, and a seemingly extroverted nature and air of confidence, she actually has a very thin skin, issues with attachment, and serious secret doubts about her company of sisters.

Appearance: Round faced, with freckles, big blue eyes, and standing at just barely five feet, Mop looks the part of the cute kid sister. Usually found in comfortable athletic clothes and never, under any circumstances in anything that could be considered “girly”.

Laura MacIntire:

Rachael O'Malley:

just a note. The pic for Rachael is the actress Emilie De Ravin.

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