Commander Zolghast
Zolghast spends the majority of his time in a hidden bunker. The bunker is believed to have a underground passage that leads to the ion cannon.

Zolghast spends the majority of his time in the bunker. His food and supplies are brought to him, and he sleeps on a bed in the bunker.

Zolghast has told no one of the location of his bunker, except those who we believe already know. This being; the police who occupied it before the Separatist occupation, his personal servant droid that brings him supplies, and a small number of Confederacy officers on the ground.

The battle droids that occupy the bunker, and the droid control ship that commands them, are the only droids and computer that know of Zolghast's location.

Occasionally Zolghast issues orders directly to patrols in the city via computer in order to protect the bunker.

Zolghast is highly paranoid and only leaves the bunker to visit the ion cannon via the underground passage.

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