The 7 Realms

The 7 Realms

Hey guys,

If you would post information you want public about the realm you're running here. It would be appreciated. I intend to toss data up about Pejerasate asap. Aside from that, the realms that I havn't heard back from player's are Wallachia and Unnamed, so for the time being let us pretend that those are uninhabitated-magical-non-existent locations.

For those that don't toss data here, at the end of the week I will toss up info... which may not be the best for personal advantages.



Lord: Elin Drake, aka Elin Half-Elven

The realm is in the south of the greater region, with four neighbors: Pejerasate, The Elven Court, Wallachia, and Chimeria. It encompasses the southern reaches of the Waymarch Mountains, with the area to the north largely filled with a dense forest known as the Waywood, from which the realm gets its name. The south of the realm is sparsely wooded and is mostly small plains and cliffs, and there is a small coastline that is largely cliff faces with a few small fjords and inlets.

The capital of Woodheart is located in the center of the realm, in the woods at the foot of the mountains, along a large lake and river. Woodheart is a cosmopolitan cultural center and the key destination for visitors. The only significant coastal settlement is the port town of Haven, through which all sea trade must go.

Waywood is known for the density and age of the forest itself, the sporadically located settlements connected only by small trails, and the markedly multicultural populace. Humans are just over half the population, with large groups of halflings, elves, and dwarves having lived there for centuries past, and all races being represented to some degree.

The realm is seen as peaceful, nearly harmless in fact, but a producer of great culture and craftsmanship. The new lord is Elin Half-Elven, an ignoble bastard with connection to the old lords, a charismatic speaker, a popular figure, a lighthearted dilettante, a famous adventurer, a rakish lover, or an enigmatic mystery, depending on who you ask.


"The largest desert realm, Pejerasate. Home to the most deadly sands in the entire world. It is here that along with the scorching heat that desiccates all life above ground and below under the glare of the relentless sun, the sparse yet vibrant plants that hold only death for the unwary consumer, the rich and varied species of wildlife that will kill with the merest scratch or sting, the beautiful and unexpected mirages, phantasms and illusions that rise from the heat haze and finally the ever shifting sands themselves that seek to cover entire cities in their embrace that magic has given rise to one of the most hostile advances to an already deadly environment. the devil dunes along with mirror, shadow and black sand are perils found nowhere else, and the red sea that sucks the very water of your bones, only the hardiest people can survive in this terrain and for those not among that select group there is only one result; death. The sands are dotted with the bleached bones of the unprepared, the foolish and the unlucky. The desert allows no mistakes, this is a lesson all must learn." - Lucky Number 13

The capital of Pejerasate, is known as Bronzeelm and sits upon the river simply called "life" that runs southwest towards Chimeria. When the river known as life meets with a lake that is called by the locals as the "great waters", the realms largest and only other city can be found, Adrankith. What one would expect to be villages within Pejerasate, are actually tribes. The tribes roam about Pejerasate, some making their homes on the borders of the realm to trade with foreign countries.

The entire realm's primary language is known as Pejera. Temperatures within the region range from 111F to 180F. Visitors from other regions seldom ever return, this is because of the harsh climate and terrain that exists within the realm.

Recently a young ruler has come into possession of the throne, he is known as
AKA: The Dharar
Dharar Djebir. Not much is known about the young man, but it is almost certian he was raised by the strange monks in the region that promote discipline and yet freedom simultaneously. It is rumored that he is currently building a road or track of some sort that runs from Bronzeelm to Adrankith.

The Elven Court

The Capital city stands to the south west of a large, deep lake called Crystalmere. The lake is said to be bottomless in places, and it is large enough for wind and tide to effect it, almost like an inland sea. Two large rivers border the city to it's south and east, and the only way to approach the city is over the two stone bridges over the rivers, or to come in the long way, from the north along the lake. Both bridges into the city are guarded by towers, and the main gate in the city wall faces north.

Two small fishing villages lay along the lake to the north of the Capital. They're both focused on food production, both fishing and farming. The land within a mile of each village is farmland, but past that, the rest of the land is covered in forest, save the tops of the mountains.

The main trading town in the elven lands lies to the south, the dead center of the southern coastline. It's a port, and a major trading city. A lot of skilled laborers live in this port. Woodworking of all sorts, shipbuilding, and even some masonry are primary trades of this port, which they trade for food and other supplies from the inner villages. The population of this city is mainly humans and half elves, although there are a large percentage of elves, and a significant minority of halflings and gnomes among them.

The final village is across the lake from the capital, between the mountains and the lake. There is no easy access to this village, save a one horse mountain trail, and by sailing across the lake, but this town's primary goods for sale are not bulky ones. It is a grey elven community, mostly stone buildings build in the open sun, all of great age and high levels of craftmanship. It hosts a high percentage of skilled craftsmen, and spellcasters of all professions.

The population of these forested lands mainly elves of all sorts. There are half elves and humans in the capital, but elves are the majority. Again, there are scattered halflings and gnomes, and even a small group of dwarves living in the capital.

Cymru or Cymrws

The lands of Cymru (or Cymrw, both spellings are correct)

The Cymru is a very hilly, forested place, but without extreme mountainous peaks. It's temperate and relatively wet, a deciduous forest, with full four seasons. The soil is rocky, and people have not made a large effort to clear it for farmland, except for one notable area where the rockiness is less prevalent.

This area contains one port, at the Capital of Llynnoch on the Lake. They even have a Navy to patrol the waters; the riverboats go in the lake as easily as they do the rivers. The capital, Llynnoch, with the fort, Pentyrch, is on a river delta flowing into the lake, and is the only place where large amounts of traditional farming can happen, due to the river valley and the river delta. The main industry is domesticated animals and animal husbandry -- horses, cattle, oxen, goats, donkeys, alpaca (yes, even in fantasy wales!), sheep, rabbits, and even insects used as an efficient source of meat for kibble for the carnivorous animals (and the more adventurous people) which are commonly bred the area. The area is known for the quality horses, ponies, and dogs. There is also a relatively large brewing and distilling industry in this area; moonshine is often used as currency.

There is a strong tradition of hunting, of horseback (and riding dog, for the halfling folk) riding, of animal husbandry, and a variety of traditions of numerous ranged weapons of all sorts, including amongst the peasantry. The villages are mostly mixed human and Strongheart halfling. Homesteads, of course, are generally single families and single race.

The infrastructure between the farms and villages and ranches and homesteads and such is lacking; mostly rivers and donkey trails are used for trade, though forts that seem to be abandoned scatter the landscape.

There are three other settlements of note in the area. One is near the northern lake which isn't really much of a lake at all. It is a bog surrounded by marshland, and the river on both sides is completely impassible to anything bigger than a canoe, being full of whitewater. The second most notable settlement is near the deep forest which is in the center of the region, right at the edge of the forest and in the hilly springwaters of the smallest river. The third most notable settlement is a fortified mine along the southwester river border. This mine produces several things, such as clay for high quality pottery and porcelain, several useful alchemical minerals, and importantly, large quantities of iron, iron suitable for cold forging into Cold Iron, as well as extremely high quality steel (treat as Baatorian Green Steel, most recent stats are from Fiendish Codex 2).

A wide, wide, wide variety of animals and Magical Beasts which live in these lands, from the normal boars, horses, ponies, wolves, deer, and bears, to exotic animals like various dire varieties of animals (elk, hawk, wolves, bears, etc.), and some dinosaurs deep in the forest (those that are in temperate forests and hills), to more exotic magical beasts of various sorts. Exotic Animals, Fey, Centaurs, Lizardfolk, Giant Vermin, some Magical Beasts, even Hydras are not unknown in certain parts of Cymru-- it is a Wild land.



This land is not a land friendly to those unaccustomed to its ways. Those who are unwilling or unable to be strong in the face of its dangers are advised to leave, lest the land remove them.

There are two known settlements in the region, one on a nearby island which is occasionally seen, but does not appear to possess sufficient docking facilities for ships, and a goodly sized port town. Merchants visiting this town have reported that the town seems to be in a setting rather similar to that of a siege, with armed guards set up in many locations. Even in these conditions, though, no merchant has ever reported the ports closed to them, and in truth there tend to be many things there for a shrewd merchant to harvest.

Adventurers and tourists that survive exploring the area have returned reports of strange beasts found literally nowhere else, though most scholars have declared these reports to be exercises in hyperbole at best. After all, reports of trees that launch explosives at travelers are obviously false, right?*^ And even if these were true, reports of a city that thrives by killing the land around it can be nothing but lunacy.

The realm is said to be ruled by Count Kromire, though rather few have actually met the man. He does not often leave his realm, and it is a rare lord that will come to his realm to meet him.

*That merchants sailing from the area have registered such trees in their cargo has done nothing to temper this declaration.
^Before you ask, yes there are apparently trees whose fruit doubles as a grenade. I forget the name; it was somewhere is Australia.

The Jade Mountains

The Jade Mountains obtained their name from their lord. Destrahn Jade proved himself as a great war hero in the king's army. The mountains were given to him as a reward for all his loyal work and years of service. Destrahn settled in as lord, married, and served adequately (some would say extremely well for never having known anything other than military service) for thirty some years before falling to illness. Due to family strife and bad luck, Destrahn's youngest son succeeded him. At least two of his elder brothers are still alive, one a fugitive murderer and the other a sellsword who refused to inherit the lordship.

The Jade Mountains are, as one would expect, a very mountainous region. Their only good farmland lies on the border to Cymrws. The majority of their resources are mined from the mountains as they have a vast dearth of metals, including rare ones, and gemstones. Under Destrahn, the majority of their mining focused on converting metals into weapons of war and training soldiers to be ready any time the king called them up.

The Jade Mountains can be a dangerous place, offering the pitfalls of most mountainous regions. Food can be hard to come by. The winters are harsh and long. Transportation between areas is difficult, often requiring roundabout roads, and is susceptible to disruption due to rockslides and the like. The majority of the animals are also predators that can mistake men for prey if they are desperate. There is also the Gorthain Woods, an unknown woodland home to many legends and curses.

Rayan Mak

The old lands of Rayan Mak are situated at the center of the continent. It is a trading hub with no equal. It has long been a neutral meeting place where lords and merchants can meet without fear of persecution. This is how a native would describe her homeland, and she would not be assuming or arrogant. It is a land of trade, law and civilization. She is dominated by vast plains covered in farms of wheat, cotton and other more exotic goods in the middle of the realm. But she is also a land of diversity, with cold forests and colder hills to the North on the border to the Jade Mountains. There is a temperate coastline in the far west, and lastly a dry hot savannah on the border to Pejerasate. Only the river that makes up the border to Pejerasate and the prayers of its people stop the harsh desert from encroaching further.

The climate of Rayan Mak is temperate and warm, its winters are short and wet and the summer is long and hot. The lands themselves are kept lush and green by several small rivers connected to the Jade Mountains, who flood after the melting each spring. Here you will find green and inviting gardens filled to the brim with ripe and sweet foods. Most importantly Rayan Mak is defined by the unique position it has to connect some of the largest realm through trade in its lands. Rayan Mak is perhaps most famous for the high-quality roads that run through the entire realm, promoting trade-routes through its lands. But is also a place of learning and technology, its lands littered with tall windmills, its rivers pushing waterwheels and sawmills. Waterpumps providing lush, green gardens even in the middle of its cities.

The capital of this oasis in the midst of the continent is Rayan Raj. A completely circular city from which Lord Malcolm Ronnet, the ninth Ronnet to rule these lands, fulfills his duty as the leader of his people. He is a young man, in his mid twenties and inherited the rule from his father. He is said to be among the most beautiful men in the world, physically fit and with an intellect to rival grey-haired scholars. He is however an almost woefully traditional and honour-bound man, counting himself among the ranks of paladins, protectors of the people. It is said that he never eats and only sleeps a couple of hours every night.

The Orange Mark

The Amber Mark;
[population: 18% "magical humans", 34% Dwarf, 45% Humans, 3% Other]

A large swath of the lower regions contains in the middle of the mark a very fertile hilly region of forests and wine groves. Wine of all sorts is a major export and a large portion of the income of the Amber Mark, the Wine that gives the Mark its name is Amber of colour and is bottled in large amber bottles.

The North Western Peninsula contains a sharp Mountain ridge which flows into the Jade Mountains in said neighbouring country.
The Pike as its called unofficially contains a mountain village, which has a large telescope build solely to study the Shattered Lands.

The Verdant Defensive Belt, southern bottom of the Mark contains a small but very fertile piece of land, so fertile in fact, that the rulers previously saw fit to build 20 tower forts to protect it from unsanctioned access, this is a breadbasket and in addition to the wine another source of export. Though the towers are at this moment in a state of disrepair, after some years of neglect.

The Great Jade River, flowing down from the Jade Mountains from which it gets its name flows wildly for two thirds and only settles reasonably when it almost hits the sea, making crossing it not an easy task. The Dwarves from [insert name] have done their best over time, building a very high but secure stone bridge that spans the river near their village, making crossing there an easy task now, but also places the village in a strategic position, they also build a copy of the first bridge near the capital, to span the .

The northern middle part of the Mark, that which is surrounded on 3 sides by the two Jade rivers, is harshly mountainous terrain, just Like the northern bordered country. many small dwarven fortified mines dot the area which ship their wares to the eastern city of the dwarves.

Two well set and travelled roads break through the countryside, and connect the cities and villages.
Also the fact that the two bigger rivers cut through the Mark on the length of the lay of the land, the
rulers made the wise decision to invest on a naval military, so the rivers get patrolled often and is one of the easier deterrents
to keep others from entering, also it makes their trade ships easier to sail in safety.

Down in the south, on the estuary of the larger Jade river, the almost magically enhanced (which it is not, but what it does is is uncertain still) riverbanks that are nestled between a set of sudden hills, they contain vast amounts of papyrus plants and coconut trees, which are both extensively harvested.

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