A few simple rules.

A few simple rules.

Post FormatAll IC text should be framed using [ fieldset ][ /fieldset ] tags. The fieldset label should be a picture of your PC. This provides an easy reference for all participants when searching through the game forum for a particular player's post.

In character talk is to be done in a color "Like so, just choose a color"
Internal monolog is to be done in Italics "Like so"

The code for the above is: [ fieldset="[img ][/ img]"]body of IC post[/fieldset ]. Without the spaces

Underneath the IC field set, you can post up two spoiler tags: one for Actions, one for OOC

Also for those of you {like me} who have issues with flickr and the {img} [/img } command. Photobucket works great. They even give you the code over there.

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