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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. Additionally, your computer doesn't have a screen any more.

I wish for a useless superpower.

Granted, you can levitate.

Also, i dont use a computer, its an ipad :P.

I wish for the coolest superpower ever.

Granted, you get superpowers similar to Superman, but Earth is your home world, so the sun cancels out your powers.

I wish I was a little bit taller, as the song goes.

Granted, You discover platform shoes, tragically though your general ineptitude means you fall down and hurt yourself frequently.

I wish for an autopilot on my car

Granted, your cars autopilot perfectly mimics the driving capacities of an expert driver..... after having 40 shots of vodka.

I wish I could eat all the fatty food I wanted without getting fat

Granted, because your digestive system no longer possesses the capability to process fats. Get ready to go back to wearing diapers...

I wish I had an everburning torch, to the specifications of the d20 SRD.

Granted. You obtain a torch with a continual flame spell cast upon it, and are able to confirm that you are in a dead magic zone. If you ever get to an area where magic works, you'll be able to enjoy the effects of your everburning torch.

I wish for the ability to flawlessly remember a 128 character password of my design.

Granted, but this takes up so much space in your memory that you forget how to breathe.

I wish I could stop procastinating and focus more on my studies.

Granted, your prime focus is now your studies, but you lose focus on things such as social skills and end up an idiot savant.

I wish this cut on my finger would heal, it's really sore.

Granted: now there is a scar where the wound use to be and now every body calls you Franken Finger.

I wish I had time to get into my table top games again.

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