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MW Murphy's Laws

At least once per month, I will lose a very interesting set of rules I've written up on this very site to the maw of 'tolken has expired' error notification.

The entire OP will be deleted and I will forget everything I just wrote. Demoralized, I'll move onto a different a project, leaving my entire month's 'plan' in the dust.

The amount of creativity available for a given task is inversely proportional to the importance of the task.

"Okay, I have 15 pages of backstory, and several more ideas...I guess I'll leave the name as WIP for now..."

Whenever a game comes up that has the perfect set-up for one of your character concepts you never got a chance to play, you can't play it because it violates the house-rules.

The chances of being accepted into a game are inversely proportional to the probable lifespan of the game.

Oh so freaking true. Happens at least once a session, that one.

#5893 - Whenever your character's life depends on a roll, you'll always get a low result.

The better your group of players happens to be about dedication, writing and roleplay skill, the higher the chance that the game will either a) not fly, b) die an ignoble death several posts in or c) the GM, after a credible attempt at starting, will get called off by RL or other factors.


MW Law #22: The easiest, most obvious puzzles are invariably the ones which stump the players.

Sad part is I can see myself making the same mistake.

Just as you find out that another player is playing a concept that will mesh great with your character, one of you doesn't get elected.

As you read all of the horrendous applications and know with all certainty that the DM will see through their ridiculousness and campaign-disruption, those are the ones that make the final cut. Usually, this one also includes the phrase they then begin playing alongside your setting-specific concept that no longer functions properly because everyone else is playing a monster race.


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