Magos Militant Terellios

Career: Tech Priest
Transition Package: Sole Survivor
Ascended Career: Magos
Rank: 9
Origin: Mind Cleansed
Cell: Ordo Malleus Retinue
Increase Willpower by +3.
“In the darkness, follow the light of Terra.”
Ordos Malleus Background: None
Experience Earned: 13,500
Experience Spent To Rank: 13,500

Wounds: 11
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Fate Points: 2
Insanity Points: 38
Corruption Points: 19

Weapon Skill:
(+10 Advancements)
Ballistic Skill:
(+20 Advancements)
(+10 Machinator Array, +10 Mining Helot Augments)
(+10 Machinator Array, +10 Mining Helot Augments)
(-5 Machinator Array, +3 Sole Survivor, -10 Mining Helot Augments)
(+20 Advancements)
(+5 Sole Survivor)
Will Power:
(+15 Advancements, +3 Sole Survivor)
(-5 Machinator Array, -5 Sole Survivor)

Head Armor: 8 (+2 when blessed)
Body Armor: 8 (+2 when blessed)
Left Arm Armor: 8 (+2 when blessed)
Left Leg Armor: 8 (+2 when blessed)
Right Arm Armor: 8 (+2 when blessed)
Right Leg Armor: 8 (+2 when blessed)

Awareness (Per) (Trained)
Athletics (S) (Can't float)
Command (Fel)
Commerce (Fel)
Common Lore (Tech) (Int)
Contortionist (Ag)
Deceive (Fel) (Trained)
Demolition (Trained +20, Specialized)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Evaluate ? (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Mechanicus (Trained +20)
- Archeotech (Trained +10)
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (S) (Trained)
Linguistics (Int) (Trained)
- Low Gothic (Trained)
Logic (Int)
Medicae (Int) (Trained +20)
Scrutiny (Per)
Secret Tongue (Int)
- Tech (Trained)
Security (Ag) (Trained)
Stealth (Ag)
Survival (Int)
Tech-Use (Int) (Trained +20)
- Armourer (Ag) (Trained)
- Scrimshawer (Int) (Trained)
- Technomat (Int) (Trained)

Talents & Traits:
Basic Weapon Training (Flame, Las, Launcher),
Pistol Weapon Training (Las, SP),
Heavy Weapon Training (Las, Bolt, SP),
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Power),
Electro Graft Use,
Hulking, (From Armor)
Heightened Sense (Sight),
Resistance (Psychic),
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus),
Rapid reload,
Arms Master,
Deadeye shot,
Luminen Charge,
Quick Draw,
Crack Shot,
Mechadendrite Use (Utility),
Logis Implant,
Mechadendrite Use (Medicae),
Mechadendrite Use (Optical),
Total Recall,
Machinator Array,
Energy Cache,
Cleanse and Purify,
Marksman, Fearless,
Strong Minded,
Rite of Fear,
Rite of Awe,
Gravic Levitation

Failsafe Control,
Imperial Conditioning,
Through a mirror darkly,
Mechanicus Implants,
Soul of Iron,

Melee WeaponsName: Example Weapon (40% Success)
Class: Melee Damage: 1d10 Type: Rending Penetration: 4
Special Rules:

Ranged WeaponsName: Malleus Psycannon (49% Success)
Class: Heavy Damage: 2d10+5 Type: Explosive Penetration: 5
Range: 120m Rate of Fire: S/-/5 Clip: 300 Reload Action: Full
Special Rules: Tearing, Reliable, Sanctified, Red Dot Laser Sight

Name: Voss Pattern Flamer
Class: Basic Damage: 1d10+5 Type: Explosive Penetration: 2
Range: 20m Rate of Fire: S/-/- Clip: 60 Reload Action: Full
Special Rules: Flame, Toxic

EquipmentEquipment Name (Source) - Weight

Remaining 90 Thrones

History Terrellios has no idea where he came from originally. He simply woke up one day in a small cell on board an Inquisition ship. What was he before, an acolyte, a heretek, an innocent enginseer who saw the wrong thing? All he knows is that when he woke up he knew three things. The Rites of the Omnissiah, how to shoot a long las, and that the enemies of the Omnissiah must be purged.

Terrellios found himself among the acolytes assigned to one Inquisitor Grell. He served faithfully for some time, he is not sure how long, and honed his skills. And then one day he woke up again on a different ship in a different cell. Once more Terrellios didn't know what had happened or why. The only difference was that this time he remembered some of before, and now he was assigned to one Inquisitor Sule. And so it went. Every few years Terrellios found himself somewhere new. Sometimes he found that he had acquired new skills he didn't remember learning, others he found that his very form had been altered to make him a more deadly weapon. Such as the time he woke to find himself with the skills and armored body of a secutor.

Terrellios is not even sure who his true masters are. The Mechanicus among whom he is treated with respect and addressed by the title Magos which he doesn't remember receiving. Or are they the Inquisition on whose ships he always wakes to carry out a new mission for a new Inquisitor. Nevertheless he always strives to do his duty and fulfill his missions to the best of his ability. After all he can never remember failing, and it is one of his private fears is that to do so is to risk a cleansing.

Only rarely is Terrellios allowed to keep the memories of his missions. As such the few he is allowed to keep are among his treasured possessions and in what free time he has he will spend hours replaying them in his mind. The crusade of Mallius V. The execution of Governor Daudalus. The cleansing of Firepoint station. Most memorably the assault of Hive Kladeus where 10,000 storm troopers perished to give Terrellios the shot he needed to kill an ascending daemonhost. It Terrelios's belief that since so many of his memories have been stripped from him these few remaining must have some special meaning and that if he can piece together what that is he might be able to break the never ending cycle of cleansing.

(I'll probably tailor some Ordeo Malleus stuff into here once I see the Inquisitor's background and get back to my daemonhunter book.)

Appearance Like many of his brethren Terrellios has been extensively modified over the course of his duties. Unlike most however his modifications have taken a decidedly militaristic turn. Reworked to be stronger not for industrial purposes, but so that he can carry more weapons. His eyes have been replaced with augmented scopes, and many of his reflexes have been hardwired to make him a better more precise shot.

Perhaps the most characteristic thing about Terrellios however is not his own features at all, but instead his customized gear. Almost a walking armory Terrellios has been granted a variety of weapons to use in his missions against the forces of darkness. Three items however stand out. The first is the lascannon. Normally reserved for heavy weapons teams Terrellios wields the massive cannon single handedly and uses it where his lesser peers use simple long lases and sniper rifles. The second is a recent addition to his arsenal. Upon joining the retinue of [I don’t know the Inquisitor’s name] he was allowed the use of a Malleus Psycannon. A master crafted piece of work it forms the backbone of his assault when hunting daemons. The third and most obvious is Terrellios heavily modified supply backpack.

Where normal agents might strain to carry a single weapon’s supply pack Terrellios’s heavily augmented frame carries this monstrosity of a pack with ease. Its massive armored form carries huge quantities of ammunition connected to Terrellios’s weapons by a bewildering maze of wires, tubes, and feeds. It is also probably the most dangerous thing about him given the massive amount of volatile ammunition and promethium stored in it.

Dice Roll: 1d5z
d5 Results: 1
Mind Cleansed (1)
Dice Roll: 2d5z
d5 Results: 5, 2 (Total = 7)
Sole Survivor (7)
Dice Roll: 1d10z
d10 Results: 7
Mining Helot Augments (7)

Dice Roll: 3d10z
d10 Results: 4, 8, 3 (Total = 15)
Ascension Insanity (15)
Dice Roll: 3d5z
d5 Results: 2, 2, 1 (Total = 5)
Ascension Corruption (5)

Additional rolls since I realized I wouldn't have taken my transition package or gotten advancements yet.
Dice Roll: 2d10z
d10 Results: 3, 3 (Total = 6)
Ascension Insanity (6)
Dice Roll: 2d5z
d5 Results: 4, 2 (Total = 6)
Ascension Corruption (6)