Character Applications specific rules for Dark Hersey

Character Applications specific rules for Dark Hersey

Dark Hersey character specific rules to build characters will be found here

Character Creation

Characters start at 13,500 xp and use the standard creation rules as outlined in Dark Hersey Core with the availability of the expanded background charts in all allowed supplements.

The Cell Directive- Ordo Malleus Retinue-is a mandatory purchase for all PC's at the listed cost on page 64 of Daemon Hunter.

Starting Equipment and gear

All characters start out with any of the gear their career lists plus they will have 35,000 Throne Gelt to buy additional equipment with.

All items from the Inquisitor's handbook cost 4 times their base cost (x4) and cannot be crafted higher than common craftsmanship. As this mission does not start from the Calixis Sector, they items are rare outside of that sector of space.

All items from any other book are purchased at their listed price. Any money left over is yours to keep.

Sisters of Battle will follow the following rules:
Palatine's start with the following:
Best Craftsmanship Godwyn-De’Az Pattern Bolter,
Best Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol, Best Craftsmanship Chain
Sword, Best Craftsmanship Sororitas Power Armour, Ring
of Suffrage, copy of Rule of the Sororitas, Writing Kit, Best
Craftsmanship Shield Robes.

They may take any of the items listed on page 80 of Blood of Martyrs as due to their rank. They recieve 5000 Throne Gelt for purchases using the rules outline above with the exception that they can keep no more than 500 Throne Gelt.

i will be trowing u all something free anyhow but

Icon of the Just-25,000
Null Blocker-20,000
Refractor Field-15,000
Malleus Psycannon-10,000 (note-ammo refills are provided for free)
Ammo Backpack is by round. In the description of the item it tells you how much it can hold. multiply the cost of a round by that numer and you will have its cost
Seninel Array-7,500
Plasma Cutter Mechdendrite-8,500
Ignatus Power Armour-22,000
Ignatus Power Armour w/wards-26,000

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