Check In Thread

Check In Thread

Just to see who all is about after the Epic OOC Rules Battle.

Once I know everyone who requested a Cohort is still around, I'll toss up an add for them.

I'm here, and I still lack the motivation to make an NPC cohort...

**lalalala** skips past in an girly attempt to show he is here ;+)

Still here, the only reason I havn't posted anything yet is a massive workload and I'm trying to boil what I want to do next into effective specifics. But I do believe I'll be able to take a few hours of today. Yay!

I didn't even notice the rules battle, but I think I'm going to drop for completely unrelated reasons.

Out of curiosity, what was the ooc rules battle? I seem to have missed it...

A couple different people were postulating either house rules or rules interpretations on making magic items (due to the realm-wide level cap, the available items are significantly limited), and that led to Vox suggesting some house rules on how to run item creation (so that it wasn't in the hands of just certain PCs, or something), both of which failed a popular vote.

Odd, I didn't really consider that to be much of a battle...people are leaving over it?


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