This is for character applications. Application instruction are in the next post.

Players should be inquisitive, pro-active, and Good Samaritan types. That is, I expect the players to display ‘interested involvement.' This means not simply reacting to events as they unfold, but actively investigating leads, seeking clues and following hints. Discussion in-character of such leads, of possible options, and plans of action are important for character development. In fact, I encourage scenes where the characters are merely interacting with each other and NPCs so as to give opportunity to dig into their personalities. There will also, as stated, be action scenes, in some cases initiated or avoided by the characters based on their decisions.

A Note on Writing: As for actual writing ability, I don’t expect everyone to be Shakespeare, but I think it is fair to expect decent punctuation, proper spelling and an effort to carry along the story so that it is enjoyable for everyone. The use of pronouns is important, as well as some effort into breathing life into the character and the setting. A bit of what the character is thinking, some description of his/her mood, body language, demeanor, and grist for another character to interact with. It doesn’t have to be long, though it could be. It’s not about quantity or volume, it’s about quality. The other players should be able to see what you are doing, how you are doing it, and some cinematic license into the reasons and thoughts behind the actions. We should all be mature enough to separate character knowledge from player knowledge, and it tends to enhance the game by making the characters a bit more real. The main caveat here is that etiquette requires that a player never physically engage another player’s character without consent or a chance to react; likewise, a player never has another player’s character react, think, speak or otherwise act without consent. Just focus on your own character and if a reaction from someone else is needed, pause for the reaction.

Style Guide:

Use bold in quotes for actual speech, italics for actual thoughts, regular text for everything else.


Applications to play should include a description of the character you want to play. Race, gender and occupation or role in the team is key. Remember that everyone is relatively young with limited experience. If you have never played Star Frontiers before I urge you to consider carefully before deciding to play a non-human. However, I am not restricting races: Human, Vrusk, Yazirian and Dralasite are all possible.

Any questions?

Andrew LaFollet is a local kid, having grown up in the streets of Port Loren. Introduced to the art of Coup de Vitesse at an early age by his uncle, LaFollet has always disdained weapons as a means of resolving his problems. He'd always considered his skill at fighting to be of little more interest than a loved hobby, until the GSS recruiter seemed excited about the revelation when Andy applied for a position with the company as a night security guard.

LaFollet soon found himself given some additional training in security and assigned to a trouble-shooting team instead. The pay is definitely better, and the job is way more interesting than staring at sec-drone monitors for hours on end, so Andrew has no complaints. He's barely been with the company for a year, now, and is probably the youngest person on the team.

Race: Human
Age: 20
Occupation/role: Unarmed combat specialist.

Appearance: Slim with a lean musculature, short light brown hair and blue eyes. LaFollet does not stand out in a crowd.

Hey Grendel are you looking for anything particular?

This seems very interesting! I've read a little bit of the first free book (just about 20 pages worth of the first one). I've never played this game before so I would be a complete newbie to the system - though it seems pretty understandable and ike other systems. I have a character concept, but it would need more flushing out with reading the books.

Do you mind taking on someone new to the game system? Also, is there a reason you urge us to play human instead of any other race? I read that there is some bad history with Yzirians, but I haven't gotten a lot of the background yet (not that I planned on playing one of those).

Thanks for the responses!

Okay, I'm going to try and address multiple questions in one post.

I very much encourage new players with no experience. The reason I encourage new players to play humans is that I don't like 'human in a rubber suit' aliens. If you've never played SF and have no experience with the aliens here, you could pick it up by reading the source material, but it would be simpler to start with a human. Learning a whole new culture and a whole new universe together is difficult, and even seasoned player have trouble. That said, I won't veto any concept that is good.

Remember that the characters are young, just starting out. The system is harsh on beginner characters, it is very difficult to make someone who is an expert at anything, let alone in multiple skill areas. If Military is not your PSA, don't expect to be bad-ass. That is not a criticism, all skill codes are important, but chance to hit is based on one-half Dex (or Str in melee) and without a Military PSA it's going to increase from there slowly. My advice is to pick one area that you want your character to known for, or good at, and start from there. @Dragyn is a good example: Unarmed Combat. That's his thing. Everything else is, well, secondary.

Similarly, equipment will be very limited. I haven't decided on what the GSS Standard Equipment Package contains, but I am fairly certain that Zebulon's Guide and Frontiersman equipment is unavailable on a 'check with me first' basis only. Only Alpha Dawn equipment is open without needing confirmation. Let's work on characters sans equipment and then once we have a team we can go into gear. We'll be rolling on the variable starting wealth table at the back of the book, so on top of the Standard package, each of you will have some money to buy personal items.

One last note that is a change from standard SF: I am adjusting the price of SEUs from 5 Cr. to 2 Cr. Belt and Power packs will cost SEU x 2.5 to purchase, SEU x 2 to recharge. All other SEU clips (20, 10 and 5) cost SEU x 2 Cr.

I'm interested in playing H'trank, a coldly logical Vrusk shooter - sniper, bodyguard, extractions - she provides the firepower support. She trained under the Pan Galactic Corporation, but when they eliminated the division she was supposed to work for, she took a position with Greyfalcon, who thought they could use her particular skill set.

She appreciates the beauty and precision of laser weapons, and if the dice agree, will start with a prized laser rifle. Character sheet to come.

Cid -

Cid M. Bawl lived a fairly normal life on Rupert's Hole, his parents both doctors and pushing him to follow along the same path. With his background, his schooling path was planned for him and he followed - almost like a robot following a command. The written exams were easy, everything was pretty easy until he had to deal with a real patients, injured where even his skills couldn't help. One patient, panicked and crazed from shock of injury, posed a threat to himself and others. Thankfully, some of the many books he had read gave him insight on how to calm the individual and he was able to talk to the patient, helping them believe they were better - and amazingly enough, the patient became better over time.

This scene had gone through his head, the body is one aspect he easily grasped, but it was amazing what the mind could do for the body... the curiosity started setting in and he was breaking out of the normal "head in the books only" routine and seeing what else he could learn by watching people and their actions. He got to observe mainly humans on Rupert's Hole, but there were occasional other beings diverse in form and speech who visited the planet and the business sector.

One day as he was observing, he decided to get up and aimlessly follow one of these visitors, a
a Dralasite creature
blob of inconsistent and flowing body. The next thing he knew, he was inside a large building, not exactly remembering each one of his steps before entering as his mind was so entrenched in the different possibilities of how a body could operate and live as this one had. This was his first step to the unknown future...

Please let me know if you have any questions/suggestions!

Well you seem to have a Martial Artist, Tech, Sniper, and Medic which seems like a good start. Hey does anyone one want an engineered friend, partner, or such? Someone your character like already knows and has had some history with. Might seem like an odd question but I find having someone you already know with a preset level of chemistry and interaction methodology often improves the fun of the game.

I am fine with anyone joining up and being friends with me. I will gladly add a paragraph or two of how we met. My character as of right now is not super good at computers. We really need a Scout/Hacker type character. Maybe you should do an Agent Primary PSA type Dejoker.


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