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Corrupt A Wish

You can still enjoy the activities. Why, you could enjoy posting on Myth-Weavers forever, or at least as long as the site remains. Eventually, though, you will be reduced to eternal contentment as the universe enters a state of heat death. You'll still enjoy it, and you won't be bored. There just won't be anything.

If that isn't enough of a corruption for you, then I suppose that I shall try a tad harder.

Granted. You enter a groundhog day loop. You don't notice.

And now for Onigato...granted. You get a smart-phone, for free. When you turn it on, it begins the gentoo installation process.

I wish for the phenomonah known as "ninja-ing", "being ninjad", etc. to henceforth be known as "monking", "being monked", etc. .

Granted. You are known as the best ninja and monked person across the lands. One day while preparing to post your shot through the back of the skull with a 9mm bullet. You Ninja'd the wrong person and he killed you in real life.

I wish that Onigato would post only in bald and size 6 with pink letters in this forum from now on.

Ungrantable wish. Forum collapse imminent. Prepare to be purged. Seriously though, I'm on my cellphone, so not happening. Please try again.

I wish Onigato would post and include the word hopscotch before and after every sentence on the forum for life.

Hopscotch, granted, hopscotch. Hopscotch, a mod comes in and smacks us all around, hopscotch. Hopscotch, we all get banned for life, even those people who have nothing to do with this chain, hopscotch.

Hopscotch, I wish madHatter had not wished for his wish, hopscotch.

Granted. I wish that you had not wished that Mahatter had not wished for his wish.

Granted, but since you didn't actually corrupt it, your wish becomes invalid and the wish matrix ignores this granting.

I wish, I wish, I wish for a dish of well cooked fish.

Not corrupted by virtue of the wish to be corrupted having been retro-actively

Corrupted: Done, but you still have to "post and include the word hopscotch before and after every sentence on the forum for life."

Granted. The chef asks how you would like your fugu prepared.

I wish for Onigato to no longer be targeted by wishes within this thread.

Granted. But because of that wish you are now the target for everyone' wishes on here and do to the stress your head explodes showering your friends with brain matter.

I wish that Onigato would become my friend on MW.

Granted, but since all wishes targeted at me now target NM020110 he is the one who actually friends you.

I wish for the current targeting wishes to cease, with all targeted effect stopping as well. Its getting too hard to figure out what the heck is going on.

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