Maps and Images

Maps and Images

I will post in here pictures and maps relevant to the adventure, and link to them in the game thread. Please do not post in here. If you have any comments or questions about something in here, post it in the Game Discussion thread or send me a private message.

Here is a picture of Boren Tchal, your operator/supervisor.

Here is a close-up of the Professor.

Here is the Star Wolf pilot, Thiss'vik.

Here is Cpt. Chalmers of the Star Wolf.

Here is Engineer Drogo of the Star Wolf.

The Star Wolf

Ships in Star Frontiers don't have artificial gravity, so the decks are laid out vertically along the ship's long axis. A lift generally connects the decks, though there are ladders for backup. This is a typical design for an assault scout, like the Star Wolf.

The Star Wolf sky bride was remodeled into the Captain's cabin. The Engineering deck has two staterooms on the right side in place of one console. The crew deck, IV on the map, is now the passenger deck, each room a double-bunk.

Here is the image of the main mine complex on Rock Pit. This also gives you an idea of the terrain.

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