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Celebrity Myth Weavers Deathmatch

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Who Will Win? You Decide
George "Use the Force Luke" Lucas 5 45.45%
George "Shoot Em in the Head" Romero 6 54.55%

Celebrity Myth Weavers Deathmatch

Okay the basic premise of this game is for you to vote on which person/celebrity you think would win in a fight. You can use whatever logic at your disposal and vote on the poll. Each poll will be kept open for 7 days and then at the end of those 7 days it will close and someone will be crowned th[/B]e victor.

There are only 3 simple rules to the forum.
Rule 1
At the end of 7 days the Moderator of the Poll, that's me right now, will choose someone else who posted to set up a new poll for people to vote on.
Rule 2
As Moderator and Judge you are not allowed to post in your own poll.
Rule 3
This is a debate/discussion forum so no name calling or insulting people based on what they post for an opinion.

Okay that is about it have fun.

George Lucas

George Romero

Who will win? You decide.

George Lucas

Any man who can inflict Jar Jar Binks on an unsuspecting world is one cruel bastard. Also, if Lucas can get enough support to make two more movies after the Jar Jar incident, he can survive a zombie apocalypse, no problem.

Very Valid Points.

However, even Jar Jar could be zombied, probably inside of a day, in fact. It would be the comedic kill that everyone laughs at, before realizing that this is a bad thing.

Romero, on the other hand, has much experience making zombies do whatever he wants. How many zombie movies has he made? An even dozen? Plenty of experience in controling crazed combatants.

obviously my only choice will be George Lucas. I loved star wars until he put Jar Jar in it!

So what if Jar Jar is the Jerry Lewis of the Star Wars Universe, George Lucas has height, reach, and weight on little ole G.R. Definately not a fair fight.

PS - No number of zombies can stand up to a light saber.

Is this really fair? Whatever the outcome, Lucas will just re-edit the result (and maybe throw in some CGI foolishness with a Jamaican accent, plus his inevitably ham-fisted and inept attempts at dialogue).
For my money, Romero could easily distract Lucas with a mark-down bin of flannel shirts and a crate of Mallomars, then shiv him in the back while he's not looking. Advantage: Romero.

Nice one boys and girls. We are tied at 4 to 4 right now. Everyone is making valid points. But still who will win. The master of the galaxies or the master of death?

Hair: Lucas has the salt-and-pepper foof, while Romero is rocking the old-man ponytail. Slight edge to Romero because he at least parts his hair on the correct side

Ears: Romero has gigantic ones, while Lucas's are a bit more proportional. Definitely George L here.

Eyes/Glasses: It's amazing either of them can see. Lucas's wire rims are too small for his head, though. Going with Romero even though the thick plastic frames have been out of style for decades.

Mouth/Smile: Romero has the tight lipped smirk of a man who knows ten million ways to kill you with a zombie. Lucas is showing buck teeth. Romero wins here.

Chin: Sorry, Lucas, but Romero actually has one. No contest.

Threads: Lucas tries to take this with the fancy tuxedo, but the bowtie askew ruins it. Kind of like Jar Jar Binks, bad acting, and midichlorians in the prequels, despite the fancy special effects and eminently interesting storyline. Romero is cool and confident in the tweed and buttondown. Again, Romero takes the victory.

In total, I thought it was going to be a bit more even but I've got a clear win for Romero in this throwdown.

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