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Name:Raston Silverblade
Stat Block:Str16,Dex16,Con12,Int12,Wis8,Cha10,Hp11,AC20,Touch13,Flatfooted17,CMD17,Init+9,Fort+3,Ref+ 3,Will-1,BAB+1
Description:Raston is tall and muscular. He has sky blue eyes and blonde hair that is down to the middle of his back. He keeps his hair tied back in the fashion of a warrior. He has tattoos covering his arms that depict his victories and which house he belongs to. His face is marred by a scar on his right cheek that he received during a sparing match when he was learning how to fight with his sword.
Backround:Raston grew up on his family estate. The estate was bought by his grandfather who was himself an adventurer and accomplished at that. Rastons grandfather was the one who raised him and taught him the skills he would need to become an adventurer himself one day. Raston spent years under the tutelage of his grandfather learning the sword, as well as various other skills that his grandfather decided were necessary. It all ended when his grandfather disappeared, Raston tried to keep up his training, and manage the estate but after a few years debt collectors finally took everything and Raston decided to go and try his hand at being an adventurer for true.

Name: Jaroda
Race/Class: Human Cleric of Shelyn

Description: Jaroda is a woman, who tends to make the best of her attractiveness. Her hair is black, and she has typical Varisian features. She's a bit tall and a little plump, but she makes herself up very well, and keeps her armor clean and often decorated with symbols of Shelyn.
Background: Coming from a long line of clerics of Shelyn, Jaroda grew up surrounded by the religious. Her first encounter with those of other religions was a shock, and this made her all the more determined to spread the message of the Beauty of Shelyn. At her eighteenth birthday celebration, she announced to her family that she wished to adventure in order to bring the Beauty of Shelyn to everyone else. Although she was cautioned that Shelyn isn't for everyone, she still insisted, and her parents bid her adieu.

Name: Kali
Race/Class: Half-elf Witch (white haired varient if possible)
Stat Block: str: 7 Dex: 12 con: 12 int: 20 (with racial bonus) wis: 12 cha:11
Description: Kali is an even six feet tall, with long white hair that falls to the small of her back, though it never falls in front of her face. She has deep brown eyes that always seem to be watching everything never focusing on one thing. She has long sharp striking features. She wears forest green top and brown pants that hints at her thin features beneath.
Background: Kali was raised by her human father in a small village were he ran the local inn, she spent most days helping him there, cleaning the rooms, everything. One day when she was heading to get food from the market for dinner a strong wind blew the hat she was wearing away. Chasing after it towards the nearby forest, she found it at the feet of a young fox who was staring at her. The fox picked up the hat and walked to Kali and gave it to her, she bent town and took her hat back and something told her there was something going on. The fox turned into the forest and ran off, and Kali followed after she wasn't sure why but something pulled her in that direction, eventually she found a small pool of water were the fox sat to drink. Kali sat on the edge of the pool and watched the fox for a moment, then it trotted over to her and layed it's head on her lap looking up at her. They stayed that way for awhile until Kali realised that she really needed to get food from the market, when she stood up the fox followed after her and they went into town together. At first they got odd looks from the locals for a fox trotting at her heels but it soon became to be a regular site around town. Kali started calling him Tokah after a few days since she couldn't just call him fox. She stayed at home for the next five years, learning about magic and other skills from Tokah, she was never really sure how but the fox was guiding her. One day the she was doing the morning rituals she had learned and a strong wind blew in through her window against the current wind and she knew it was time to leave home. She packed up her things and the next day she and Tokah hit the road to find whatever they needed to find.

Name: Tanvas Bailest
Race: Human (Varisian)
Class: Barbarian (Titan Mauler)
Stat Block:
Male CN Human (Varisian) Barbarian (Titan Mauler), Level 1, Init +0, HP 14/14, Speed 20ft
AC 14, Touch 10, Flat-footed 14, Fort +4, Ref +0, Will +1, Base Attack Bonus +1
Greatsword +5 (2d6 + 4, 19-20/x2)
Heavy Crossbow (20) +1 (1d10, 19-20/x2)
Hide (+4 Armor)
Abilities Str 18, Dex 11, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10
Condition None

Name:Brann Glimgold
Race/Class: Human/Rogue
Stat Block:
M CN Human Rogue, Level 1, Init +5, HP 9/9, Speed 30
AC 15, Touch 13, Flat-footed 12, Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +1, Base Attack Bonus 0
Shortsword +3 (1d6, 19-20/x2)
Dagger (2) +3 (1d4, 19-20/x2)
Shortbow (20 Arrows) +3 (1d6, x3)
Leather (+2 Armor, +3 Dex)
Abilities Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 13
Condition None
Description: Standing at 5’8” and 130lbs when sopping wet Brann’s slim build, pleasing features, and relaxed manner mean he often goes unremarked in the company of adventurers, barbarians, wizards, and warriors. A fact which happens to suit Brann just fine for his purposes. Brann always makes great efforts to appear neat and clean, putting on the well stitched and clean clothes of a moderately prosperous merchant when not gearing up for a delve in a dungeon. The only thing that seems to defy his practiced mediocrity is the beautifully embroidered purple scarf around his neck, a birthing day gift from his mother before he left home.
Background: The youngest of 9 sons to a moderately successful cloth merchant in the capital Brann spent much of his time lost in the crush. Between his oldest brother Alzen trying out for the city guard, Forester’s bardic practice, and Mellisandre’s interest in their father’s business there wasn’t much time for Brann left over at the end of the day. Left to his own devices Brann started to explore every corner of his home and the neighboring countryside. With his disarming nature and deft hands it wasn’t long before Brann found his own field to excel in: the rogue’s trade. Still a boy Brann made his first dungeon delve with several of the other local young men, soon falling in love with uncovering the secrets concealed deep within the ruins of the world, and also with getting a closer look at the contents of the purses of the rich and idle. Posing in the guise of a cloth merchant Brann finds it easy to hear about the contents of the merchants strongboxes right from their own lips. On the hunt for new adventuring prospects Brann now finds himself in Eldington.

Female Chaotic Good Half-Orc Fighter, Level 1, Init +0, HP 12/12, Speed 20
AC 16, Touch 10, Flat-footed 16, Fort +4, Ref +0, Will -2, Base Attack Bonus 1
Great Axe +5 (d12 + 6, 20/ x3) [Power Attack +4 (d12 + 9)]
Dagger +5 (d4 + 4, 19-20/ x2) [Power Attack +4 (d4 + 6)]
Chainmail (+6 Armor)
Abilities Str 19, Dex 11, Con 15, Int 7, Wis 7, Cha 15
Condition None

Sister Evie

Human Cleric of Sarenrae

Role Healer/back-up fighter (undead killer)


Sister evie was raised by the temple as she was abandond at birth, she has only ever known the temple but has not let that deter her from doing well. She started to help with running of the temple by cleaning and stacking books, she started to read from the age of 7 and although it was a late start she quickley caught up and was reading scriptures for the temple. She started training when the temple was breached by looters when she was 12, she fought off some of them and helped heal some of the other clerics. She was declared a heroine and was trained at the bigger temple in the city, she enjoys all aspects of her job including nursing the sick and looking after the elderly.

Name: Llysander Delholme

Race/Class: Human/Rogue

Stat Block: [Str: 10] | [Dex: 16] | [Con: 14] | [Int: 14] | [Wis: 10] | [Cha: 14]


Description: Llysander usually dons a thick cloak over his chain armor and rather dark leather clothing. Adopting a cowl over his features to allow him a better chance to blend into either crowds or shadows. He's equally adept at using the bow strung across his back, or the rapier often slung upon his hip. A black leather belt and boot combo finishing up his attire.

Background: Llysander, often called Lies by his closest companions, grew up in the shadows of the street like so many other children who've been tossed aside or simply forgotten. He lived in a cliche of other kids who banded together, raised by a halfling who often dressed as one of the children to survive. They would perform or outright steal for food and coin, often the older children taking the brunt of the responsibility for the younger ones. Lies was one of those who found his talents best suited to stealing day by day or deceiving those who he sensed could be taken to an extreme for the betterment of the children. Lies wasn't against working to make ends meet either, often sweeping out local taverns or temples for a few coppers. It didn't take long for him to realize that the coin he could make by hiring out his skills to banding adventurers was sufficiently higher than he or the other kids could make in a month of begging or stealing. After a few randoms jobs he had enough to purchase the small hovel that his 'family' had overtaken and sustain them in-between his adventures. He was still looking for that one big score that would settle him and the kids for the rest of their lives.

Character Sheet: Llysander

Male CN Tiefling Rogue (Knife Master), Level 2, Init +4, HP 14/14, Speed 30
AC 17, Touch 14, Flat-footed 13, Fort +0, Ref +7, Will -1, Base Attack Bonus +1

Masterwork Punching Dagger +6 (1d4+2, x3 Critcal)
Masterwork Studded Leather Armor (+3 Armor, +4 Dex)

Abilities Str 14, Dex 19, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 8, Cha 6
FIENDISH RESISTANCE: Electric, Cold, and Fire Resistance: 5
FIENDISH SIGHT: Darkvision 60'
FIENDISH MAW: Gains a natural bite attack dealing 1d6 (+STR bonus) damage (loses 'Spell-like Ability' racial trait)
PREHENSILE TAIL: Can retrieve items from backpack as a Swift action (loses 'Fiendish Sorcery' racial trait)

Aagriman is pretty typical for a tiefling - he has smaller horns than most perhaps, but he also has a long tail. Most noticeable though are the horrid-looking teeth he possesses. This is one aspect of his fiendish heritage that is unsettling to most who meet him, and is indeed the reason his mother chose to abandon him not long after he was born. Luck was on his side however - as he was found in the streets, and brought up by a member of the local Thieve's Guild; thus setting in place his fate as a rogue, a vocation typical to many of his kind.

One point where he differs, and maybe it's due to his fiendish blood, is that he focuses more on the skirmishing combat of his profession than the handling and disabling of contraptions; this is not to say he lacks training in those areas, because he is quite apt at these things - but he is even more apt at wielding small knives to deadly effect, being able to tear apart better-armed foes before they realize the error of underestimating his prowess with these weapons.


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