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I'm done.

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For now, this is Team 1.

zeo2002 - Cid Bawl, medic
kbrn62 - Alexis Grant, Investigator
MadHatter - Connor Flylock, technician
DeJoker - Irwin Chalmers, Scout
d_ns - H'trank, Vrusk sniper/shooter
Dragyn - Andrew LaFollet, martial art
Jedric - Cody Amoran
Ghost Wolf - Yazirian covert specialist

If no one else applies to the game, we'll go forward with 8 team members. Anyway, I will close applications tonight (Saturday night, Japan time).

I moved Alexis and Cid, they looked like they were done. Anyone else who is finished, let me know and I will move them.
I think I'm done!

Jedric, MadHatter, please post your completed character in a single, clean post here in this thread, or edit one of your earlier posts in this thread into a clean sheet, so I can move it into the Character Sheets thread. Don't post in there, please.


I've closed applications, the team is set. I'm going to close the Applications thread in the game forum as well. All questions, etc. about your characters go in here, anything about the game, setting, etc in the Game Discussion thread.


My character sheet in the Application thread page 3 is pretty much complete -- I can do more background and stuff but for the most part it has everything and all I would do from here is clarify or expand on what has already been outlined.

My character is completed in a single clean post under the Applications section. My picture, backstory, sheet, personality and appearance are all there. So you can move it bsos.

Ghost Wolf, I moved your character even though he remains unnamed because it looked like he was nearly done. Just need that and some background. Go ahead and edit it into the post over there.

I want to close this thread and get started on the game asap.

Went ahead and added the Needler rifle back to H'trank's sheet, as I never heard back on the laser rifle idea. I'll get her other info added today (background, appearance, etc).

I have not read it yet Dejoker but I will know as I have to edit my character sheet.

EDIT-I have no read it and I approve of it. I also added some information in my background about ICE and FLY and ICE's sister being friendly and eager to develop a friendship with FLY. I am picturing a Tango and Cash or Starsky and Hutch buddy cop style mentality with each of them. I hope to maybe date his sister along the way because I have never done a wedding in a roleplaying game and the idea of a Wedding is kind of cool. Let me know what you think about all this.

Yeah I could see her being friendly, especially if she sees Fly as a personality that might help Ice mature a bit more. And if we go with the Tango and Cash analogy you put forth if you dress and/or act like Tango you would probably at least get her interest she's the level headed one in the family and I have to say my character sure acts a lot more like Cash -- hey wait you want to date my sister -- that totally flips flops the movie :-)


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