Rats And Corpses


John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John looks at the rat in front of him and shakes his head as he draws power from the earth a third time.


Vicky looks wide-eyed at the seemingly unstoppable energy that bounces from rat to rat, and then to several of her friends. "Wha...?" she manages to stutter out. Somehow, the threat dies down on its own. While she can't see around the corner, Vicky can clearly hear Allyria crying out as seemed to be hit by the wild magic. Fortunately, her outcry means that she is still alive and conscious.

The rat bite hurt, but she's not nearly as badly wounded as John further down. He looks like he's ready to fall at any moment. She strikes out at the closest rat, then moves closer to the other to distract it away from John.


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