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MW Murphy's Laws

42. If the DM is fully prepared for one set of adventurers and then chooses at the last moment to take on two groups simultaneously, both games will utterly fall apart less than three weeks later.

43. Be forewarned, Christmas Break and Summer Break seem like long periods of time where anyone and everyone finds ample opportunities to start a campaign. These periods of 'break' are short lived and most of these games die a quick death in January and August.

Originally Posted by Hammerfist View Post
41a. If you just say "I deceive him!" you will roll a 20.
I'm going to start employing that stratagem in real life. "You've been seen drinking heavily while welding, and security camera footage shows you clearly stealing the rims off the supervisor's car. You're fired." "I DECEIVE YOU!" "Hmmm. Point well made. We've clearly been hasty with the evidence. Welcome back."

44. The activity of your games is inversely proportional to your current free time, current creativity or (most likely) both.

45. If you're running a game in which time matters.

Despite what you do, a single player will not post for weeks on end. In addition, that player will also post in other game threads while your players wait. Despite any pleas made.

Sorry about that...

46. Whenever a new feature or houserule is introduced, most effort will almost always be focused on (ab)using that rule to the exclusion of efforts to (ab)use other rules and features.

Someone PM'd me on this so forgive the self-quote:
Originally Posted by nautilus_project View Post
MW Murphy's Law #39: If a potential player posts in your ad with excessive amounts of exuberance and excitement about your game; they will be vapor before the game actually gets started.
I'm talking about people who post in your game ad laying it on uber-thick something along the lines of:

"Holy crap, this is the coolest idea ever! I have been waiting for a game like this since the day I was conceived! I am going to quit my job, go on a sabbatical and start churning out character applications for this because I don't want to live another day if I cant play in this game."

...and that's the last you ever hear of them.

If you are running a Star Wars game someone will always want to be a Jedi or Force User. IF you allow them and explain you don't want any dark side characters and then explain to them how DSP work they will ultimately try to say using TK to hurl someone into a jet engine does not result in a DSP because they didn't harm them with the force but the jet engine they were tossed into killed them.

This could also apply to any form of using TK to kill people.


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