Rats And Corpses - Round 5

Jared trots forward resuming his position behind Vicky. As he reaches her, the dark shadows swirling around him lash out in the direction of the rat, again forming into a snarling beast that rips into the wounded rodent.

Allyria fires another bolt of chaos magic towards the surviving rats. The bolt barely hits one of the rats and hurts it before gaining in momentum. It bounces towards the other rat, blasting into it head one and sending it reeling through the air to collapse on its back between two of her allies. But the bolt is not finished by any means, it turns in mid-air once more, crashing into Jared, hurting the small warlock before ricocheting off of him into ZhuGuan. ZhuGuan raises his glaive to try to deflect Dave's uncontrolled magic to little effect. His efforts turn the bolt, unfortunately, toward it's caster but enough of it still gets through to burn him. Vicky looks wide-eyed at the seemingly unstoppable energy that bounces from rat to rat, and then to several of her friends.

"Wha...?" she manages to stutter out.

The bolt then careens from the half-elf directly back to Allyria, hitting her with the force of a truck and sending her flying through the air to land in a crumpled heap in the corner of the room.

Somehow, the threat dies down on its own. While she can't see around the corner, Vicky can clearly hear Allyria crying out as seemed to be hit by the wild magic. "Ouch...." Fortunately, her outcry means that she is still alive and conscious.

ZhuGuan curses under his breath at the reckless woman's casting but smirks a bit when he sees the bolt knock her flat on her back. Maybe that'll teach her to be more careful, he thinks ruefully.

John looks at the rat in front of him and shakes his head as he draws power from the earth a third time. John still doesn't manage to connect with his target. He started the battle off strong, but his warrior spirit has been weak since. The rat bite hurt, but Vicky's not nearly as badly wounded as John further down. He looks like he's ready to fall at any moment. She strikes out at the closest rat, then moves closer to the other to distract it away from John.

The half-elf moves to try to defend Vicky from the rat after the initial shock of friendly fire passes. He moves up and cuts down the rat, and then moves past Vicky and Malklyr to close in on the last rat left.

Jared hops about behind Vicky, slapping at the area the bolt struck. It looks like some kind of comical dance a Jester might do for his Lord. "Ouch.... ouch... ouchouchouch."

Looking at Jared's amusing dance John couldn't help to grin. "I think that might have cooked that chicken leg in you pocket."

"It's ok people, I'm just a lil winded but I'm ok. Thank you for your thoughts." The Situation announces to the group while giving out a handy punch to a nasty looking rat. The rat hisses in response, obviously intent on attacking the tanned man, but his eyes are drawn back to John.

Malklyr sends a bolt of acid at the rat, but the injured elf strikes the wall with the caustic orb instead. The boxed-in rodent snaps at John, but he easily avoids the sharp teeth. Malklyr
Going ahead and taking Malklyr's turn right away.
then sends another bolt of acid at the rat. The rat is reduced to a puddle of blood, bone and slime.

"I need a minute..." says Malklyr as he moves towards the large pillar to catch his breath. In the blink of an eye the strange vortex known as the Box appears. The door seems to be shaped exactly like Malklyr. Then the door opens and just as fast as it appeared it is gone... taking Malklyr with it.