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Unlimited ??? Works

I am the lid of the pan.
Metal is my body; I have no blood.
One thousand stir fries I've cooked.
Heated by flame, a little too hot.
Have withstood stains never to be clean.
Yet, everything in me can spoil.
So while I stay, Why can't I eat.

Found an example on youtube. It's certainly not mine, but someone here might enjoy seeing it.

The video should be work safe (though you may get questions...). Any links from there might be decidedly not safe for work, school, home, or sanity. I make no guaruntees.

I am the bone of my old world.

Past is my body, and future is my blood.

I have caved for thousands of decades.

Unknown to Myth.

Nor known by Fact.

Have withstood pain to create many legends.

Yet, those horns will never hole anything.

So as i pray, unlimited history works.

Gotta love Nico Nico. It's like Youtube ~ but insane and fun.

Katawa Shojou Time!

I am the twist of my curl
Pink is my hair and loud is my voice
I have wahaha'd over 1000 times
Signing to Shiichan
Speaking for Shiichan
Waiting for Act 2's arrival
I have no regrets that I didn't get a route!
My whole life was

Thought I'd make an attempt.............could be better though, I just wanted to see what I could come up with using that first line.

I am the insanity of my mind
Dillusions are my body and Imagination is my blood
I have gone mad over 1000 times
Unknown to therapists
Nor known to sanity
Have withstood being institutionalised to create many fantasies inside my head
Yet those hands will never hold them
So, as I pray
Unlimited Crazy Works


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