Aboard the Unrelenting Light, Strike Crusier class (Grey Knight Chapter)

Brother Severinas regards the Captain with veiled approval. As always, his Chapter draws the most disciplined professionals to its service.

"Your demeanor inspires the highest confidence, Captain. Is the ship battle-ready? I should like to take inventory of its defenses before we translate back into the Materium; so far from Imperial supply lines, we may rely only upon ourselves."

"Of course Lord Astarte, this ship is under the auspice and colors of your Chapter that I am honored to serve. Magos Var will see to these needs and accompany you on an inspection tour if that would please you, my Lord.""

"I should be pleased to hear his expert perspective. Magos Var, please notify me when your other duties permit the time for such an endeavor."

Terrellios lets out his own burst of binary, and continues to watch and listen to the conversation for anything that might require his input.

One of the bridge serfs approaches the dias.

Captain, we have been given launch authorization."

The Captain smiles and sits back down, the cable making a sucking noise as they retract. The chair spins to face forward.

"Take us out nice and easy. Make heading for warp gate Sigma-Theron."

"Heading for warp gate Sigma-Theron aye Captain.

You hear the rumble of engines as the ship starts to move. The Navigator bows and heads out to her station aft of the bridge area.

My Lord, Magos Var can conduct the tour as we make our approach. Will this be acceptable?"

"Thank you Captain." Frayhert says, "Magos Var, would you be so kind to show us the production facilities here on the Unrelenting Light. I am wondering what sort of support you can provide should it be necessary..."

"I too would welcome seeing the facilities and your staff, Magos. I have read the reports, but I much rather see things with my own eyes." nods the mountain Mordred.

"Before you all depart, perhaps now would be a time for a prayer and blessing to this ship and crew. A simple minute or two and use of the shipwide vox is all that would be required, Captain." she says stepping forward as the rest of the assembled force prepares to depart.

"I can only allow access if the Astartes say so Sir. Just follow Magos Var please. "

Turning to the battle sister he turns on the ship wide vox.

"You may begin when ready Sister. "

Stepping forward once more, Sarena bows her head and brings her hands together and up to her chest, her mind thinking only of the Emperor, her savoir and lord in all thing. Pausing a moment for those around to join her in the gesture, despite not actually being able to see if anyone follows her, she lets her voice rise up slowly, it's volume ascending as her tones echo as if an Emperor-sent angel upon the world and this voyage.

"Blessings to all who hold the Emperor within their hearts. Please join me in a blessing and prayer in his name."

And with the fury and conviction that only the Adeptus Sororitas were known for, Sarena's voice intones in prayer.

"Blessed Emperor, watch over us, your servants, as we drop into the darkness."
"Lead us with your guiding light so that we might find our way and do your bidding."
"Fortify our spirit with your presence; with you in our hearts there is no room for doubt."
"We travel under your Eagle's Wings, secure and ready to meet our destiny."
"Faith is our shield and your light is our truth."

"O Eternal Emperor."
"Who alone watch us."
"And rules the tides and storms."
"Be compassionate to your servants."
"Preserve us from the perils of the Warp."
"That we may be safeguard to the domain of men."

Even as she neared the halfway of her prayer, Sarena became a bright radiant light of faith and power. All who could hear her voice were filled with a
Filled with the knowledge of the Emperor's Blessing, all who can hear the Sister gain +10 Willpower versus fear and immunity to Daemonic Presence. The closest 40 people become immune to fear and are "Inspired" (NPCs only for the later effect).
miraculous calm as the knowledge that the God-Emperor was indeed within them and all around them.


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