Scene One: Gran Quivera

I thwat I swa a tweety bwird

Conner sighed some as he sat back in the speeder. Pulling out his own Magnagoggles he spotted a Vrusk on a cycle speeding by at them. At least that is what he thought he saw. On closer inspection he realized they were moving and the Vrusk was stopped. This cause him to become worried as he looked over at ICE. Smiling a plan started to form. He leaned forwad and looked to the driver as well as the other passengers.

“Radio in that we have a possible tail. Anyone with a camera snap some pictures of the tail as best you can then send them to HQ so they can run a check on them. Everyone just act casual and continue what you are doing. Let me see how close he gets and I will handle him. Pilot if he gets too close to us slam on the breaks as you see me jump okay?”

Conner points out the Vrusk that is tailing them on the speeder bike vehicle and makes a motion for ICE to watch him but be sneaky about it. Grinder who had photo optics in him already and a gps system chirped and flew off up into the sky. Attempting to be sneaky the bird would fly behind the Vrusk on the bike and take pictures of the license plate, if it hand one, make and model of the vehicle, and keep a close tab on it. If it go to dangerous, Grinder would flee back to the vehicle at top speed.

Not having spotted the Vrusk Cody sits back and listens, no point gawping and tipping the guy off.

He glances at the Professor and asks, "You jilting a bride Prof, looks like the in-laws are after you."

Meanwhile he checks his weapons are secure and ready just in case things go seriously south.

The drivers acknowledge the information (H'trank basically told the driver of vehicle 2, and Cid the driver of vehicle 1). They wait until everyone is in the cars before departing together.
Originally Posted by Cid
"Professor, who else knew you were coming here or that you were going on an expedition?"
"Well, no one, and many people as it were," the professor replies as he settles into the seat of the skimmer. "You see, while I didn't openly discuss it, it's not a secret either. After all, I had to apply for a grant to fund this adventure. Why do you ask?"

OOCIf necessary, discuss in the Campaign Discussion thread how you will organize yourselves and proceed.

Alexis checks her gyrojet pistol to ensure it is loaded and primed. She places it on her lap. She turns in her seat like she is talking to H'trank and the driver. Alexis starts watching to see what vehicles stay with them.

"H'trank, I am watching traffic behind us. Do you think we should have our procession make a few turns to see who stays with us."

Grinder flew back onto Conner's shoulder refusing to follow that order. Instead it dug into his breast pocket and pulled out a penny chewing it up. Conner looks around and tries to appear casual glancing back through his magnagoggles waiting to see what the civilian skein suit wearing Vrusk will do.

OOC: I made a mistake with Grinder. He is not supposed to be useful he is just added flavor text. Sorry Grendel I wont have him do anything like that in the future. Jedric to answer your question, Fly built him.

"A grant? Professor, do you have the documents with which you applied to the grant? If not, can you tell us who the grant was from, and what kind of information you placed on it? Additionally, did you make any other grant requests for which you were denied? I ask because you are coming to us as a company to help you, and it appears odd that someone is/was across the street almost as if they were keeping an eye on us. I personally don't believe in coincidence and my gut, as good as that may be, seems to suggest that someone picked up on this travel trip or your ideas. If you can think of who else would greatly benefit from this information, that would be great information to have so we can run it through our databases and hedge our bets."

Sid sat back in the seat, a little uneasy and antsy as he awaited for the departure of the vehicles. Within a minutes time, he was up inspecting the inside of the vehicle and the driver to make sure he was a true vetted employee of the company. He didn't want to leave much to chance with this, or any, trip.

OOCIf Cid believes there is a secure communications link between both vehicles (ie: within the party), so that the driver will most likely not overhear, he will suggest to the other vehicle to check and ensure that the vehicles are safe and the driver has been identified a proper employee of the company.

While others look backwards, Ice is casually looking forward wearing his magnigoggles like someone might wear their sungoggoles, "Ya know Fly," Ice states out loud forgetting that Fly got into the other skimmer and cannot hear him, "I wonder who the stalker was talking to back there and where those whoozits might be. Then there's that ole standard question, why? Perhaps the mining company does not want any one going there. I mean there was a rather glaring lack of information about that planet for having a standard mining company upon it. And I would like to stress the word... standard."

Fly smirked while Grinder hopped into Ice's lap and start trying to dig around for loose change. Chirping angrily in the fashion it did when it was hungry for metal. While Fly replied he switched his goggles around letting ICE know it was his turn to watch out for the stalker Vrusk.
"You really are'nt telling me anything I don't know already Ice. I know this mission is kind of FUBAR up front but hell more adventure and less fixing stuff you keep breaking is my idea of some fun."

The skimmers depart in line for the starport, the professor, Cid, Fly and Cody in the lead car and H'trank, Ice and Alexis in the follow car.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 81
General INT roll

As the cars are pulling out the professor looks at Cid, concern about the doctor's tone evident. "The grant is from Artemis Research, here on Gran Quivera. That is why I am here. I hired Greyfalcon because I am concerned that my rivals will try and stop me, of course," he says. Artemis Research is a very large company with many holdings, obviously interested in basic research. Their primary revenue stream is patent licensing. Considering it's size and it's base in Gran Quivera, you would all know of it.

In the traffic of Gran Quivera, it is nearly impossible to tell if the vrusk on the hovercycle is following, but Ice and Alexis, in the rear car, can spot him trying to stay out of sight about four cars back.

Cid listens to the professor, brows raising causing his furrow to prominently display, it sounded like his rivals may be willing to use physical means to disrupt the travel - whereas he thought this was purely scientific in nature, at least until they got to the planet. Now he needed try to ascertain what company or people may be tailing them and the tactics they may use - hoping that the professor had some information that would ring a bell and prepare him and the team better.

"Who are your rivals and to what length do you think they will try to stop you from reaching the destination or are they just trying to beat you to working there?"

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