Adventurer's Guild - OOC

Adventurer's Guild - OOC

Ruone smiles as you enter. Welcome, how may the Guild assist you today?

I didn't know you were allowing third party resources, I may have to have a closer look at some of the classes on the SRD

If you wish to be with someone specific in your group, please say so. I will either make 2 groups of 6 or 3 groups of 4. if the groups are 4, one will be without certain classes.

You cool with teaming up, Yobun?

Hahahaha. Sweet! Tanvas and Damaris - THE DYNAMIC SWORD DUO

That's a toughie, will the other party's adventures be open for us, as players, to read along? If we have to wait until we bump into each other again to hear about the antics it will definitely affect my answer to that. Obviously, my character would have to ask them, that goes without saying, this concern is for my own reading pleasure.

I'd love to have the threads be open, but at the same time I do hope our characters cross paths.

I'd vote for open, but no cross. Happy to have separate realities to keep things neat and tidy.

Path crossing would be fun!


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