Under the Fort! Kobolds : Group 2

Under the Fort! Kobolds : Group 2

This is for the second group.



The night passed uneventfully while in the inn. In the morning, you all gathered together for one last meal together. Isaiah brought over a map and showed you that there were actually 2 old forts. One to the northeast and one to the northwest.

The first day of walking was through the city and farmlands. The first night under the stars also was devoid of encounters. You continue marching through the untamed forest. Just after noon, your scout (if you have one) informs you that there is 4 kobolds camped out in front of a 6 foot tall cavern entrance.

After her morning prayers, Jeroda pays attention to the others who are gathering around the map.

While looking over the map, Raston looks around at the people in his group.
"Hello everyone,my name is Raston, glad to be working with all of you on this quest."

Ark wakes early with the other adventures and after preparing to set out, joins the group for breakfast and studies the map. Ark is broad shouldered but does not seem all that striking. He has long white hair and eyes black as coal. Ark wears the simple garb of a woodsman, bow, traveler's cloak, but the buckler and longsword suggest he is more than just a trapper, that and the shiny glint of mail beneath his tunic. Ark's gaze is intense, as if he were sizing you up before an attack.Greetings. My name is Ark Obsidian. Ranger at your service. I hear we are hunting for kobolds. What special talents does everyone bring to this occassion? As for myself, my weapon of choice is the longbow. Ark waits to hear the profession and names of those who would risk their lives with him.

"I am Jeroda. I bring the grace and beauty of Shelyn to all."

Brann had appeared late the night before looking like nothing more than another harassed merchant in a pair of well made doe skin breeches, a tight fitting leather vest, and an elaborately woven and embroidered purple scarf wrapped around his neck even though the weather was fair. When he appeared downstairs this morning the merchant's clothes were gone and in their place he wore a set of equally well made leather armor dyed a charcoal black and a bow and quiver on his back along with his small pack though his purple scarf was still wrapped tightly around his neck.

"Brann Glimgold, cloth merchant by trade and adventurer by inclination." At the mention of his trade Brann produced a dagger with a flick of his wrist and a wry smile before making it disappear again somewhere on his person.. "Though I've had the opportunity to pick up a few more . . . stealthy skills over the years that could be worthwhile on this adventure. Also I have more than a little experience with ruins of all kinds, if nothing else there are always shadowy corners to hide. Cloth shipments all over are delayed so I find myself with some free time and could use a little more gold in my pockets."

Ark nods at Brann, Jeroda, and Raston. Jeroda, I am not familiar with Sheyln is that your god? And does that mean you are a cleric? What are Sheyln's beliefs? Myself, I am man who has not found a faith.

And Raston, what special talents do you possess?

Raston looks over at Ark and smiles then says"My talents lie in the sword and sheild. My family has trained me since I was but a child with the use of the sword and sheild. I am by no means a master but am competent enough to protect myself and others."

The more often than not silent and mysterious warrior leaned forward in his chair and push away from the table. Standing to look over the map, after electing to allow as many of the other to speak as possible, he looked over the adventurers he would now be working with. He would have prefered to work alone, but it was a bit of a relief, since there was no telling exactly what he would come across in the caverns bellow, aside from pesky kobalds.

"A man brings his soul...and a purpose. These are all that need concern you..." He turned from the table after glancing at each member of the group in turn and finally locks his gaze onto the map. "What is our intended plan of entry?"


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