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The Indifference Game

The Indifference Game

The game is simple.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Search for whatever you think the internet is most indifferent about.

Step 3. Post your "High Score" of what the internet is Indifferent about.

I will be updating the "Hall of Fame" periodically, keeping the top 5 scorers. 100% scores, while rare, will be tracked separately.

Hall of Fame
1.84.6%Other People's PropertyMadHatter
2.83.4%Nuclear WeaponsTiredTofu
3.78.9%Intellectual Property RightsSavayan
5.56.3%Strong MadMordae

And I already regret making this post, since I can only imagine it'll get more depressing from here.

Updated the main post with "The Feelings of Others".

lol, maybe u should change it into a link. Most people on MW prefer to just have to click once not search it in google or copy paste. Like myself, im using my phone.

oh, so we have to search the same thing?

No, you can search whatever you like. Just search as many different things as you like, and post your "High Score".

There is no limit on number of searches you can do, and no requirements for you to "chain" off anyone else's post.

lol, nice one gw!

My highscore#1
the hobbit 100% positive

I should clarify. It's easy to get Positive or Negative scores. Just search "Jesus" and "Muhammad", and you'll see the two opposite sides of the spectrum. Sad, but true.

The goal of this game, however, is to get the much more elusive "Indifferent" score to be high. So, what you're trying to do is come up with things that people don't care about in the slightest.


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