Scene One: Gran Quivera

Alexis glances forward for a bit.

"H'trank and Ice, that Vrusk was on his chronocom when we came out. So we have more than one possibly tailing us or waiting ahead at the spaceport."

Alexis startes watching the front transport.

Ice was still looking around, scanning in various directions with his magnigoggles for any suspicious activity, "Yeah I have been looking for any potential others that might seem interested in us but so far I have not seen anyone else. Just that one Vrusk that is still following us."

Fly scanned around and spoke on his chronometer to ICE, relaying that he can't see anything. He was trying to listen to the conversation with the professor as well as remain non chalent and tourist like looking around with his magnagoggles.

OOC: Sorry for lack of post Grendel, but I have nothing really to add. I am just watching and waiting right now.

"Well," the professor begins, looking away as if in thought. "There are quite a few academics out there on both sides opf that question; some would love a chance to beat me to the find, others would be gratified simply by my failure. I don't think any of them would resort to violence, however. You've heard the saying, 'academia is so vicious because the stakes are so petty?'" He chuckles in a self-deprecating manner, arms clasped before him in a resting position.

The skimmers pull onto the spaceport express road and then pick up speed.

Cody listens to the talk and frowns, "If we're being followed perhaps we should have the driver of the skimmer behind us fall back a little, that way the tail might just pass them by, then they can tail the tail!"

He doesn't voice the obvious that its likely the prof being tailed rather than this motley group of misfits, nor that if the second skimmer is following behind they'll still be close enough to act as reinforcements if needed.

Cid nods with the professors words "Good, than I expect that the person we saw was just trying to keep a watchful eye on you to see how you were proceeding. I wouldn't expect too much more excitement until we arrive on the planet." Or at least that's what he was hoping for, he expected more though as if they only wanted to know how he was progressing they probably would have been at the spaceport waiting instead of tailing him -- at least if they were fairly well informed.

As Cody mentioned about letting the second car tail the tail, he shakes his head a little. "Is there a reason to have more distance between the two cars, if we make it known we have a tail we may garner less information and I don't think it would give us any different results. I can only expect someone who wants us tailed and saw two vehicles would have more than one vehicle following us anyways." For now he would sit down, looking out in thought as he waited for the skimmers to take an alternate route or get to the spaceport.

Ice replies to Fly, over the secure com that he only sees the one Vrusk still tailing them. "...but he is probably too far back for you to see him, which means perhaps the Vrusk cannot see you either. Might be a good thing. Still they have been talking to someone, so most likely more involved somewhere, potential ambush maybe. What do you think, if I was driving I might have turned off on a different path to see what that Vrusk would do, maybe you guys ought to take off and use a different route."

Cody shrugs in response to Cid's comments, "Maybe." he says then smiles slightly as he listens to Ice.

"That is a very good plan. I will inform the pilot. Thanks ICE.

Fly turns and pokes the pilot before frowning and nodding. He points down a side street and motions for the pilot to take that street saying we are going to split up and see what the tail does, or if there is more then one tail. Fly unbuckles his seatbelt and turns around. If the Vrusk gets close enough he is going to jump onto the cycle and take him down.

Alexis braces herself in case the driver has to make any sudden changes. She places her sidearm back in her holster.

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