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The Indifference Game

*shudder* the internet cares about what books i read.

paper 4%

This is the highest I got so far.
I was going for positive at first lol.

EDIT- I got 100!!
But it makes me sad

Well, keep at it. I'm off to bed. I'll update the list in the morning.

I am going to use this for the high-score bracket since 100 percent are going elsewhere.



Well, I never thought that so many people liked this book; most people I talk to don't even know what it is.


... Well... "World Hunger" gets a pair of 20.6% for "Negative" and "Indifferent"... and a 58.8% for "Positive".

I somehow think this thing's calculations are off.

Kony also has a 56.4% approval rating....I think I've helped in the spreading of a few too many Kony memes.

Hmmm...Acta got a very negative result; 82.5%. On the flip, Touhou got a very positive result; 96.3%.

Genocide in Africa got 50% negative and 50% indifferent...

Genocide in Asia got straight zeroes.... got a perfect 100% negative rating...

Other people got a 16.4%%...

I suppose that I'll come back to this later, when I get some inspiration...


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