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Build Your Own Superhero

Build Your Own Superhero

Simple enough.

1. Go to The HeroFactory website.
2. Create a superhero
3. Download a pic when finished
4. Post as an attachment
5. Explain how your superhero defeats the hero posted above it

I'll start.
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The Astonishing One Eyed Pirate raises her pistol and shoots down at the Impossible Unshakable Bulls-eye.

As he fires his crossbow bolt at her she fires her six gun six times, while spinning through the air. Bulls-eye realizing the flaw in his targeting system and single shot capabilities too late as the first bullet tears through his cybernetic eye and the next 5 find their mark in his throat and torso region. As he falls over bleeding to death, Calamity Jane The Astonishing One Eye Pirate walks over and reloads her pistol. Staring at the fallen body of her enemy.

The Fantastic Captain Reinforced Knight flies through the air with ease to strike at The Astonishing One Eyed Pirate.

As The Astonishing One Eyed Pirate uses her skills to swiftly move and fire as The Fantastic Captain Reinforced Knight soars through the air descending towards her she unleashes one of her bullets only to find that The Captain's Reinforced skin is impenetrable to such bullets. Realising that it may take more than a single bullet to penetrate the Captain's Reinforced skin she fires the remainder of her bullets in quick succession and with his mix of aerial acrobatics, his Reinforced skin and his light saber skills he deals with the bullets as if they were annoying flies. The Captain descends upon the Pirate and in flying by he slices the Pirate's gun in two rendering her weaponless quickly followed by a mid-air spin slashing through her mid-section cutting her in two. The Captain then flies back up in to the skies once more to seek out his next target.
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