Under the Fort! Kobolds : Group 2


Ark is not sure what to make of many of the indirect responses. Why can't people just say, 'I'm a Fighter, or Cleric, or Rogue???' Does it really need to be so obscure? Thank the gods it's not this difficult when I try and find a cobbler. Since the man who just spoke did not offer his name, Ark decides to leave him be. "Well, I thought there were going to be six of us, but we've dallied long enough. I recommend we get started." Ark gathers his belonging and sets out (presumably with the others). As he comes upon the cave with the kobolds, he prepares for battle.

Raston feels like there is nothing more he can say so he just follows Ark and try's to make freindly small talk with everyone on the way to the cave. Upon arriving and seeing the kobolds Raston immediately draws his sword and sheild and readies himself for battle.

Soulan stood at the ready and summoned his soulblade, a glowing shadowy embodiement of his confliction. It was the size of a greatsword which seemed to manifest itself from both of his hands, like a tidal wave of energy. His previous attempt to discuss strategy proved a failure so he decided to simply act then adapt, should this situation prove a decent enough challenge.

On the road Brann is full of humorous travel and trade stories and seems perfectly content traveling with the group. Though he always seems to be a bit reticent to clearly outline his own skill set. As the group approaches Kobold territory Brann slides off into the brush after making an offer to act as scout. Having seen the Kobolds Brann returns to the group and lets them know their location and number.

"Well you lot take the high road, and well I'll take the shadowy road. Luck in the shadows my friends." Brann gives a smirk as draws forth his shortsword with the faintest steely rasp. As soon as he is clear of the group Brann scans the area around the cave for cover to allow him to approach the Kobold's unseen and
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 22)
mentally prepares himself for battle.

"Ark," Jeroda says as she brandishes her glaive, moving toward the kobolds (but not in the first row), "I am a cleric of Shelyn. Shelyn is the fount of all beauty, art, music, and love. Through her, we all can find beauty in this world."

Suprise round Action and Initiative rolls please:

Rolling back the clock...

Ark thinks about bowing to Jeroda, but he is not accustom to such civilized behavior and decides against it."I am quite happy to have met you Jeroda. I do not know much of religion and even less of Shelyn, but I do know clerics are both capable warriors and posses divine powers. I consider myself fortunate to have you as a companion."


Ark listens to Brann's stories, but tries not too act too interested or seem too noisy. While Ark has done some traveling, Brann's experiences are quite different from his own.

When the group approaches the kobold cave, Ark notices Brann's stealthy approach and figures that since he may be a rogue of some sort. But he is distracted by the spirit?? blade of the man who never offered his name. Ark was interested in seeing how this man operated.

Ark however, pulls his bow and let's loose on the unsuspecting kobolds

Raston moves up into the fray and attacks with his sword, finally getting to use his training.

Jeroda moves up behind Raston, and attacks with her glaive (from ten feet away)

Summoning my Soulblade is a standard action and I will use a move action to approach the Kobalds leaving enough space between them and Soulan to ensure he would not be within range of an attack of opportunity.


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