House Rules

House Rules

It has come to my attention that the base rules aren't quite enough to answer everyone's questions. So, I've composed this thread to clear those up as well as amend the rules as I see fit. (Because I'm awesome that way)

I'll ask you very kindly not to post more questions here. It will make finding the answers all the harder.

*Class Skill

System Rule: At each level you choose your class to level up in and the class skills of that class are those you purchase as though they are class skills. Permanent Class Skills chosen from your occupation are added to this.

House Rule: For simplicity's sake, I'm going to relieve you of the headache of keeping track of your fourty-someodd skill points and simply state that if the skill is a class skill to any of your classes (including your permanent class skills) then the skill is a class skill from that point onward.

*Hit Points

System Rule: You get your maximum possible roll added to your constitution modifier at first level and the rest are rolled.

House Rule: As the system rule can wind up with a soldier being unable to survive being shot by a derringer, I've decided to rule that for the calculation of your hit points should be your maximum roll for hit dice for all four levels you currently have and roll the rest. You also add your constitution modifier to each hit die as usual.

*Intelligence upgrade and Skill Points

System Rule: There doesn't seem to be a rule for this. Presumably, you don't get extra skill points for applying a bonus to your intelligence from your extra abilities every fourth level.

House Rule: Each time your Intelligence modifier increases by +1 as a result of gaining a level you gain a number of free skill points equal to your current level -1. This doesn't apply to temporary modifiers such as the enhance ability spell (but we're far to early in the game to worry about that...)

*Action Points

System Rules: I believe the base rule for calculating action points is half of the maximum possible. For Example: A character with three levels in a base class and one in an advanced would have (5+0+5+1+5+1+6+2)/2= 12.5 rounded up.

House Rule: You'll have 15 Action points, and gain more normally as you advanced. A simple solution to a complicated problem.


System Rules: Your wealth bonus is a representation of your fluid worth as it fluxuates between credit ratings, your day job, and your monthly expenses. It is calculated by a series of rolls based on your wisdom and other related abilities.

House Rules: This is a special case. On the one hand, you would have lived your lives in the every day and mundane. On the other, you're about to be tossed into an entirely different situation and nine times out of ten, your currency will be completely useless... For this game, you'll calculate your wealth bonus and make your starting purchases as normal, but you will also have a specified amount of pocket money depending on your remaining wealth bonus.

The chart to compare your wealth bonus is as follows:


*If your wealth bonus is somehow greater than 15 after all of your purchases, let me know so I can give you the amount of pocket change you have.

And remember, once your wealth and purchases are all calculated, this will be the last time we use the d20 modern wealth system. This is specifically because the places you can use any of Earth's currencies are severely limited.

*4th Level Ability Points

System Rules: Every fourth level, you may add one ability point to your ability scores as part of advancing your character.

House Rule: After some coercion I've decided to add this tid bit to the house rules section. Every fourth level you may add one ability point to any one of your physical ability scores (Str, Dex, and Con) and one point to any one of your mental ability scores (Int, Wis, and Cha).

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