Guild Tenets ((House Rules))

Guild Tenets ((House Rules))

Combat Posting
You can not edit your combat posts when you roll dice in them because editing them changes the die roll. If you made a mistake either double post or send me a private message.

When you post, describe your character's action in small detail, or at least enough detail to keep the story flowing. I do not want to see any posts that just simply say, "I hit for 20 damage". Describe your character's actions, attack style, roleplay him getting hurt, falling, slipping. Hit Points is more then just a number on your sheet. I will be adding variant rules to make combat more realistic.

Do not roll damage dice. Post in OOC Brackets the amount of dice and bonuses you do for damage. I will be rolling all damage dice at the end of combat encounters. This is to add some realism to the fight, as you wont know how much damage you have done to the enemy. You will have to judge it based on how winded, maimed or hurt they are. The following chart will be used when describe wound status.

Wound Status
Fine: When a person is undamaged and is under normal conditions.
Wounded: When the person has taken 5 or more points of damage.
Heavily Wounded: When the person has taken 20 or more points of damage.
Maimed: When the character has taken 40 or more damage, or half their HP in damage.
Near Death: When the character only has 5 or less HP left.

Players can know how much HP each other has but don't post an IC post that says, "I have 4 hp left". Post something along the lines of you look Near Death, and don't think you can make it. Then put in OOC brackets how much damage you have taken or how many hit points you have. I want to keep the flavor of the story going, while keep mechanics to a minimum.

Variant Class Rules and Changes
Ranger's Hit Dice has been changed from a D8 to a D10

Sorcerer's Hit Dice has been changed from a D4 to a D6

Spellcaster's who use orisions (0 level Divine Spells) and cantrips (0 level Arcane spells) can cast double the amount of spells they normal could of that level each day. This does not change the spells known, or spells prepared however.

Cleric's can choose to worship an alignment instead of a Deity. Meaning they can worship Evil, Good or Neutral. If they choose this option they most choose a domain that is tied in with a Deity of the same Alignment they worship.
Holy Symbol for Good Alignment: A silver Cross (10gp)
Holy Symbol for Evil Alignment: A cold Iron Pentagram (20gp)
Holy Symbol for Neutral Alignment: A bronze token (15gp)

Rogue's skill points change to 10 + Intelligence modifier.
Rogue's gain the following ability Tricky Defense. Tricky Defense gives a Rogue, starting at level 5 Spell Resistance of 5+Character Level. Rogue's gain every Knowledge as a class skill.
Rogue's gain the Poison Use Class Ability at level 3. Same like the Assassin in the DMG.
Rogue's gain the Hide In Plain Sight Ability at level 9. Same as the Assassin in the DMG.
Rogue's gain the Assassin's Spell List and spells starting at level 1, and the ability to wear Light Armor with no Arcane Check Penalty. Medium Armor will still apply an Arcane Check Penalty to the Rogue.
Rogue's gain the Grace Class Ability at Level 7. They may add a +2 to reflex saves when wearing light or no armor.
Rogue's gain the Elaborate Parry Class Ability. It functions like a Duelist except the character add's his Rogue Levels to his AC in terms of bonus points when fighting defensively or using total defense action.

Barbarians gain the Toughness feat for free every 4 levels, adding 3 more HP to their character.
Barbarian's Skill Points have change to 2+Intelligence modifier each level.

Wizard's Skill Points have changed to 4+ Intelligence modifier each level.

Death and Unconciousness
A character goes unconscious at -1 HP. A character dies at -(constitution score + character level) HP. Normal rules for bleeding to death apply. Raise Dead and Resurrect spells exist, but persuading someone to cast them is generally difficult. Casting either spell requires someone to sacrifice a year of their life. (They are magically aged a year as the spell is cast.)

I'm also probably going to raise the spell level of Raise Dead, Resurrect, etc. by a couple levels. (Have not yet decided)
Raise Dead is no longer a 5th level spell. Any spell to bring back someone from the dead will be at least a 7th level spell.

Healing, Resurrection and Resting
You must sleep for one night, and get a full nights rest for your race, in order to get your level bonuses. Studying for spells works like normal.

You heal non lethal damage at the rate of your level +Con Modifier per hour. You heal lethal, normal damage at the rate of your level +Con Modifier per day of rest.

Cramped Quarters
In a corridor 5' wide or narrower, a -2 attack penalty is applied to large slashing or bludgeoning weapons. An additional -2 attack penalty applies if there is less than 2' of headroom.
In corridors 3' wide or narrower, a -4 attack penalty is applied to large slashing or bludgeoning weapons, and a -2 attack penalty is applied to medium slashing or bludgeoning weapons. An additional -4 or -2 attack penalty applies if a character must hunch over to fit in the tunnel.

Shurikens, Throwing Daggers (new weapon), and darts will now follow different rules. You can throw up to your BAB (Max 6) of those weapons per round. But every weapon thrown after the first accumulates a -1 stacking bonus. Doing this is a full round attack action. When you get high enough level to incorporate multiple attacks in, you can not use both your attacks to throw 12 thrown projectiles. You could use your highest BAB to throw up to 6, then use your next one to throw one more.
2 projectiles thrown -1
3 projectiles thrown -2
4 projectiles thrown -3
5 projectiles thrown -4
6 projectiles thrown -5

New Weapon: Throwing Dagger (Martial Weapon)
Weapon StatsDamage-1d4, Range-20ft, Crit: 18-20/x2, Weight-0.5, Price-10gp, NOTE: -1 attack wielded in melee

New Weapon: Crossbow Bayonet (Martial Weapon)
Weapon Stats
Short: Damage-1d4, Crit-19-20x2, Range-Personal, Weight-1lb, Price-7gp
Long: Damage-1d6, Crit-x3, Range-10ft, Weight-2lb, Price-15gp NOTE: Can be set against a charge.

Languages, Reading and Writing
This is medieval times and not everyone knew how to read and write. So you have to spend 2 skill points per language you want to read and write. On your character sheet next to languages, you would put "R/W" next to it to symbolize that you can read and write that language. If you don't have it you can're read it or write it. You can spend skill points to read/write and learn a new language like you normally can. Barbarians have to spend 3 skill points to R/W a language, instead of 2. Wizards/Clerics only have to spend 1 skill point to R/W a language.

Experience Points and Leveling
I will be giving out XP as the game progresses rapidly. At the end of combat, defeating a trap, roleplaying, completing a quest, and these are just some examples of XP awards. There is over 100 ways to earn XP in this campaign. However leveling is going to be done a bit differently. I am going with the "Rest and Meditate on what you've learned method". Which means that if you have enough xp to gain a level you have to go and sleep for however long your race allows, or if your an elf be in a magical meditating Mewto Pokemon bubble of ridiculousness, and then you can level your character when your character wakes up. There will also be XP penalties, and if I have to I will inform them harshly. Xp Penalties are subject to change, without notice.

XP Penalities
Not playing your character's alignment, without a warning from the gm.
XP Penalty50 XP Loss

Not playing your character's alignment, after warning from the gm.
XP Penalty150-500 XP Loss

Not playing your character's alignment, after being penalized twice.
XP Penalty300-600 XP Loss

NOTENOTE: Failure to play your alignment will result in alignment shift or character death.

Metagaming, 1st Offense.
XP Penalty500 XP Loss

Metagaming, 2nd Offense.
XP Penalty1,750 XP Loss

Metagaming, 3rd Offense.
XP PenaltyKicked out of the game.

Trolling, Flaming, Harassment of other players IC or OOC. I will only tolerate this once, do it more then once and you will be kicked out of the game.
XP Penalty1,000xLevel XP Loss

Posting Rate, Format, and Style
I don't care how you post, or what style you use but I would like people to each pick their own separate color when posting speech. I also want quotations to be used. I for example am going to be using, Italics Red, whenever I am posting NPC speech, or a voice talking to you, or you overhearing a conversation. I don't mind if your character's choose to bold, underline, italics, your thoughts, speech and actions. I just care that everyone uses a different color from their actions, for their speech as it makes reading a bit easier and the game flows nicer. I would also prefer everyone pick a different color, but I am not going to be strict about this.

Posting rate is and always will be subject to change. I am going to try and post once a day, or every other day based on the pace of the game, and timely responses to your posts. Now I understand the game will slow down on Holidays, and on certain weekends a month when I Larp. April-October is my Larp season so one weekend a month, out of every month I will be gone LARPING And not able to post for 3, sometimes 4 days. If you are not going to be able to post with your character for any reason, please give me some form of notice. My email is , for those of you who might need it. I will give some leeway with people not posting, in case something comes up like a family emergency, or loss of internet at your house. But if I have not heard from you in 7 days, since your last post, you will be put on hiatus and I will wait 7 more days to hear from you. If I have not heard from you in that time frame, your character will be removed from the game temporarily and we will move forward. If in 7 more days I still have not heard anything, I will open up recruitment to get your slot filled in game. As with everything, there is always extenuating circumstances and I am pretty laid back and open about letting people back in a game, or dropping out if need be. I however would not like to see someone abuse this 7 day policy and only post something once every 1-2 weeks.

That being said, if you've posted less then 6 posts in a month, something is wrong and we need to talk. Because PbP is slow in nature, and subject to so many failures, drop rates, Life sucking void of rules, responsibility and bills, it takes a lot to keep a good game going strong and fast. I want to know that my players can respond in kind to keep this game both fun and enjoyable for me and you. Now the post rate I expect from you as players is 1 post every 2 days, or 48 hours. This may seem like a lot but if you play in a lot of PbP games, or spend a lot of time on the computer in this atmosphere posting a paragraph or three every couple of days should be easy. If posting rate is faster, I will respond in kind and move the game along. If posting rate becomes stagnant, I will do everything in my power short, of physically duct taping you to your computer, to speed up the process. Please help me make this game enjoyable for everyone.

Follow Combat Posting rules as well please. I have the rules set up to make combat flow nicely, and to keep the game moving. It is how I run every game and it is what works for me. Keeping rolling to a minimum for players, helps increase creativity and keeps the game moving. It also makes my job as GM, Judge, Referee, or whatever other horribly name you have for me, a little easier. When my job is easy, fun and I am happy you get rewarded for it, plain and simple. I have these posting rules here for a reason and would like everyone to use them. If for some reason you don't like the posting rules, or any rules I have set up you can always come talk to me and we can discuss what might need improvement, changing, or just plain scrapping. This does not mean I will remove the rule, this just means I am willing to listen to any advice, ideas, and constructive criticism.

Guild Tenets ((House Rules))

Advanced Armor System
Armor in my opinion does not work right in D&D. So I have implemented a new armor system. Armor now gives you what the point of armor points it is to that location it covers. If you are wearing a full suit of armor you get a bonus of the AC it provides everywhere. For example a Full suit of Padded Armor gives you 2 AC everywhere instead of 1. So a full suit of Chainmail provides 10 AC instead of 5.

Armor Check Penalty
When buying a full suit of armor the check penalty is multiplied by 1.5 for that suit of armor. So you would take half of the armor check penalty, rounded up and apply it to the Full Suit of armor. So if you had a -3 ACP on the armor, and then bought a full suit of it, you would have a -5ACP now.

Armor Price Change
Buying armor in the book with the exception of Full Plate is not a Full body suit of Armor. The following will be used when buying a full suit of light, medium and heavy armor with the exception of Full Plate.
LIGHT ARMOR: 100gp for Chain, 25gp for leather, 10gp for Padded
MEDIUM ARMOR: 30gp Hide, 100gp Scale, 200gp Chain. 400gp Breastplate
HEAVY ARMOR: 400gp Splintmail, 500gp Bandedmail,

Shields and Bucklers
Shields continue to work as normal.

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Level Drain Alternate Rules System
Level Drain CrunchUnlike regular Level Drain, you do not actually lose any levels with this system. You don't have to calculate
A creature takes the following penalties for each negative level it has gained:

-1 Ability Score Penalty to ALL abilities (Which results in the following)
-1 on all skill checks and ability checks.
-1 on attack rolls and saving throws.
-2 hit points.

You don't FORGOT ANYTHING. You can still keep your spells.

Negative levels remain until 24 hours have passed or until they are removed with a spell, such as restoration. If a negative level is not removed before 24 hours have passed, the affected creature must attempt a Fortitude save (DC 10 + draining creature’s racial HD + draining creature’s Cha modifier; the exact DC is given in the creature’s descriptive text).

On a success, the negative level goes away with no harm to the creature. On a failure, the negative level goes away, but the creature’s ability damage remains, unless restored by a restoration spell.. A separate saving throw is required for each negative level.

All of these abilities stack with each. So if you get hit with 3 Negative Level attacks. Then you have a -3 penalty to all ability scores. Which result in a -3 to all skill checks and attack rolls. Then -6 hit points . I am also going to make sure that everyone knows the negative level effects are indeed very painful. It feels like you're whole body is on fire, and fire ants are tickling your insides.

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