Character Sheet Page

Character Sheet Page

If everyone would please post their complete characters here. Include Background, character descriptions, physical descriptions...all in one post please.

Hadrian Daniels (aka Hero)

Age: 19
Concept: Misunderstood Genius with a hint of reality issues
Power Shtick: Telekinesis / Telepathy

Jennifer McCallister (aka Flasher)

Age: 24
Concept: Family oriented geek girl, not aware how gorgeous she is.
Power Shtick: Teleporter/Duplicate Girl

....... Total : 50

....... Total : 21

....... Total : 3

....... Total : 86

....... Total : 6

Dr. Jean Nadingam (aka None)

Age: ??
Concept: ???
Power Shtick: Super Martial Artist/Healer

Tina Sherradin - Thunderbird

Tina Sherradin (aka Thunderbird)

Age: 24
Concept: ???
Power Shtick: Wings/Weather-Storm-Lightning Control

Ryan McCallister (aka Darkman)

Age: 26
Concept: Honorable Professional Sportsman (Baseball)
Power Shtick: Dark Matter Utility Morphing & Creation - Long Range Touch

....... Total : 58
....... Total : 16
....... Total : 1
....... Total : 7
....... Total : 23
....... Total : 60

That covers all the costs for the base character what follows is an outline of how the the points were spent on each of the Metamorph Forms and thus a definition of each of those forms. Only the Human Form stuff from above is not found within any of the subsequent Metamorph Forms

....... Total : 29
....... Total : 31
....... Total : 31
....... Total : 31
....... Total : 31
....... Total : 31

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Benjamin Blake (aka Paragon)

Age: 30
Power Shtick: Paragon (Flight, Strong, Tough, Eye Beams)

Personality: Close friends would be the first to notice how much of a change Ben's separation and imminent divorce has wraught on him. He was a business executive before, used to being very direct and in control of his life. He's used to having a goal and then achieving it, but now he doesn't even know where to start repairing his life. With what is about to happen to all of them, there's no telling how he'll react. Hopefully he can find within himself some way to adapt to these changing circumstances and get back a tiny piece of what he had before.

Karla Schmidt / Sapphire

Karla Schmidt (aka Sapphire)

Age: ??
Concept: ??
Power Shtick: Super Tough

Beatrice Lee (aka None)

Age: 25
Concept: ??
Power Shtick: Fast Personal Portals

William "Willl" Lee (aka Revolution)

Age: 24
Concept: ??
Power Shtick: Speedster

Will's dad was a lifer in sales. A family man who did the best he could balancing work and home life. Over the road sales did not mesh well with a family. Tragically he died in an accident while traveling for work and never did manage to make much of a connection with Will, his son and only child. The only good thing that came of George’s profession was the money from insurance.
George Lee

45, Will's mom and George's childhood sweetheart. The widow started her life again when Will moved away to pursue his degree in Pharmacy. She has been in a steady relationship with Tom McGire for the last two years. The couple are very happy and is recently engaged.
Roslyn Lee

George Lee’s brother and father figure to Will. With the death of his brother Uncle Lee made it a point to be there for his nephew. He always kept Beatrice as the priority of his life but Will’s presence was a welcome addition especially since he got along so well with Beatrice.
Uncle Lee

Beatrice Lee is Will’s cousin. They lived close enough to attend the same middle and high school, later attending the same University. It was after graduation that they went their own way pursuing different professions. The distance separating them was the only impact on their close relationship.
Beatrice Lee

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