Character Creation

Can I use the Scout class from Complete Adventurer? Thinking of a dual class with the variant nonmagic Ranger from Complete Warrior.

Harcinnion Augethinu

Elf Rogue/Bard

The tale of a noble’s child is one filled with repetition and a stagnant air of ‘seen and done’ that one might overlook in regards to the plight that hovers around such youths. Such is the tale of one Harcinnion Augethinu, a noble by birth and family title by deed. As is the story of all last born child, but as frequently the middle child, Harcinnion had suffered the unfair treatment by both his elder and younger kin. Believed to have been the poorly hidden mistake of the fifth wife of the Augethinu line, a line known for their promising and handsome males and the homely yet beautiful daughters, the boy has little hope in regards to fair treatment by any of his family save his father. Interestingly enough, his father has little time for Harcinnion, between measuring his intake of alcohol to stem the pain of dealing with greedy children and large sums of money it is a miracle he is even alive. What little time he can tear himself away from his children are the short moments of joy that give the growing Elf some assurance that his existence isn’t entirely useless.

However, there is no happy ending to the boy’s tale. There is no simple joining together and no fairly divided inheritance for those unfortunate enough to have survived the Augethinu line’s greatest loss; the death of their Patriarch, Harcinnion’s father.

What can be considered as a miniaturized civil war erupted within the confines of the Augethinu estate. What guards or mercenaries the feuding children dredged up to fight for the vast sums of wealth rumored to be held within their father’s will. Only, it would seem what madness the various children both summoned and created was for naught as a rather surprised Harcinnion, the quiet ink blot none of the children considered even important, had been left with the family’s entire dowry. Enraged and believing the boy of treachery the surviving children turned on the boy in an instant, magic and sword aimed for the meek boy that desired nothing to do with what he not considered blood money.

With pleas for at least a fair trial, excommunication or some form of disowning to free him of the liability caused from the Will left to him Harcinnion had been pushed to his mental limits in the confines of his eldest siblings personal home where he would either rot for the rest of his life or merely suffer until the deadline to receive the dowry had passed. As with all cruel things revolving around his brothers and sisters they could not wait and risk the possibility young adult would get free. As the only joint effort they would ever admit to agreeing upon each child hired an assassin. A fair way to end the problem they were all in agreement on and thus split the money evenly. Though, once again things had not gone as planned.

Young and allegedly defenseless Harcinnion had escaped, not only escaped but slaughtered all the men (save one) whose sole purpose for being in the house of a prized member of the Augethinu line was to kill a whelp none of them cared about. Written both in blood and in a penmanship none noticed as the believed to be late Harcinnion stated clearly, ‘Let’s play again~

Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 3
Health (3)


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