Pacifica P-1-1-H2

Imperial Designation: Pacifica 3
Explorator Designation: P-1-1-H2
Classification: Agri World
Tithe Grade: Exactis Particular
Tithe Export: Aquatic Foostuffs
Population: 2,000,000

Pacifica 3 is the only inhabitable planet in the Pacifica System. It is a planet that consists of 92 percent water make up.
The planets abundant food resources are critical to feeding most of the other more industrialized planets throughout the sector. Its aquatic food stuffs reproduces at an astonishing rate.
85% of the population lives scattered across the island on small islands or large fishing barge-islands. The rest of the population lives in Pacifica's only major city , Fathom.
Fathom contains the only fully operational space port.