Part I: Insertion

"I could pick a fight with one of the officers or start throwing some rocks at a droid and retreat back to an ambush point. Although, as much as I dislike putting others in danger, they might be more likely to follow someone else less physically imposing. Granted a droid might not care either way."

"We'll need the druid curious enough to follow, but not concerned enough to signal back to base. We'll have to hit it fast enough that it doesn't get a chance to signal for reinforcements, or get a jammer. We don't want to announce our presence to the planet just yet I would think."

"I like the idea of a jammer, it would probably come in handy later. Although I have next to nothing in spare credits. Perhaps some others of you have enough to get us a jammer. Or maybe we will get lucky and find someone who would trade us one for us completing our mission."

Caiden turned to the female member of the team. "Seri, you seem the type to be able to, ah, aquire whatever you need relatively easily. Think you could spot the right type of folks and scrounge up some parts for us? With a few of the right components I could rig something up pretty easily."

"It will take some time, but once I find a jammer....yea, it's doable." The girl said, her eyes lighting up at the prospect of stealing something.

"We should probably plan without it, leave a day open to find it, and proceed weather or not it's been acquired by that point."

"If we cannot acquire a jammer we will have to drop back to capturing a trooper as opposed to a droid and hope to keep him silent. Or else try to sneak into a base to gain access. But a jammer is probably our best bet so lets plan on that first and revisit if we cannot get one today."

"Then I'll start asking around." The girl said with a nod.

Seri causally walks around looking at the various shops. Paying attention to what they are selling, the security and the shop owners themselves.


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