Port Wander-walking the deck plates

Mordred is caught off guard by the explosion, realizing too late that the wording used wasn't the inflections of the faithful but of the warp's own discord. The explosion is upon him before he can even think to leap into the warp, and the flying shrapnel and destruction crashes into his body, rending him and his armor deeply, though not enough to floor him by any means.

Sarena sees the eruption in enough time to pull her giant metal wings infront of her body and leap backwards and up using her jump pack to ascend to a slightly higher level of the church's roof.

Constantine can not pierce the haze present in the warp and so is caught off guard by the sudden warp rift. He attempts to dodge the blast and ready himself for battle.

Severinas turns to face the blast, trusting in his armour to see him through, but he is too close to the explosion. The shockwave alone rings his breastplate like a bell, bruising and jarring his organs. Still, his armour reacts almost instantly by injecting a pain-suppressant, leaving him clear-headed and ready to fight.

Dice Roll: 1d10+3z
d10 Results: 2 (Total = 5)
plaguebearer (5)
Dice Roll: 1d10+4z
d10 Results: 6 (Total = 10)
Greater Daemon (10)

Okay all, post your attacks. I will do mine last and then you can do your reactions

"Don't flatter yourself." Sarena says as she quickly reaches to her back and grabs ahold of both of her Storm Bolters by their secondary handles, bringing them both to bear against the leader of the dissodant incursion. She immediately widens her stance in a an almost brace-like position. "You're not my first." and with that her two weapons burst alive, spraying bolter shells towards the greater daemon. Bolter shells blessed of the unshakable faith in the God-Emperor repeatedly fell upon their chosen prey.

Mordred smirks beneath his helm at the audacity of Chaos at times. His feet stepped forward once, twice and suddenly was gone just as his massive cloak began to trail behind him. A fraction of a second later he appears immediately infront of the greater daemon, sword in hand...

The Deamon proves to be quick on its feel as it dodges most of the bolt shells directed towards it. Modred uses the distraction to land a solid hit on the demon as his weapon slams into it.

The Deamon smiles at Modred and says, "Father loves you and I, Uncle Titanus will love you as well Grey Knight."

as he swings his weapon,disease and shades of the warp flowing from it as we presses his

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