The Outer Rim Cantina

I think what would work best here would be giving us a few options. I know from my perspective I don't really know what's around and what would be feasible. Is there a garrison that we could access? Do we walk into the nearest police station and start asking around for a dirty cop? Yank a droid into an alley with a hook? I think we need a couple of concrete starting points to pick from.

I tried to create the impression that there are regular droid patrols. How would you get one into an ally? I was leaving that up to you. You could try and lure some into a trap. One could go to the patrol and inform them of trouble down an ally; while the rest await in ambush. Create a false fight and get them to chase you to good ambush point. Talk to one while another comes up from behind and stuns/disables.

Inform a droid patrol that you have information about spies but will only talk to human superior; then maybe taken to his office. Once in over power then use computer. Sneak into station to gain access to computer.

To find a cop; go to local bar and listen to conversations. Go to an on duty cop start talking and feel him out. Talk to one and try and deceive him; be friendly asking about previous assignments. Kidnap one and force them to tell you.

There is a few ideas that I hope help.

I may be quiet the next couple of days through the weekend. My fiance and I will be doing a round of tastings and floral consultations for our wedding, and since the wedding is going to be five hundred miles away from where we live, that makes for quite the road trip. I'll try to hop online when I can, but it may be sporadic.

Though at one point I may be left to my own devices while she plays with dresses...I wonder if there's an internet cafe by the dress shop for all of the exiled dudes to hang out...

I remember doing all that. I liked the food and cake tasting! I was, thankfully, spared the rest. She did it with her sister and friends.

Cakes have been tasted, flowers chosen, the reception setup mapped out, and I'm told dresses were tried. I was wandering around a comic book store for that part. Anyway, I'm back and good to go.


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