John Clarke's Thoughts

We finally made it thru the "T" shaped corridor and I felt my first wound form acid so did most of the others. The feeling was strange like I knew I was burning from the acid and I knew it hurt but it was almost like it didn't matter it could of melted my arm off and I would still be like I am right now. I kinda want to panic a little and just run away but its like a voice long forgotten is keeping me wanting to keep going if I like it or not. Now that I felt my first pain my thirst for battle is even more greater. I'm trying to keep quite and only talk when it seem like I should so that the others won't see my blood lust. I just hope we can make it out of here and I hope I can make it out alive and not in the form I'm in right now.

Well right now were investigating why four orcs now are dead. But before that we stopped at a door that smelled like a huge dead corpse but it was a lot of dead corpse of lizards called Troglodytes. I made the mistake of volunteering to go in there I really didn't think it was that bad until i walked in there and threw up everywhere and then I rummaged thru all the dead bodies and didn't find anything so now i can't swing my sword with all my might but now I stink like I look. I'm telling myself next time I see water I'm going to take a bath or a shower. Well I also hope we find those things that killed the orcs if anything to thank them... I don't know why I hate orcs so much but even writing the word gets me fueled up. I guess I'll never know.

Well we had our first of probably many encounters it was against a Darkmantle Enveloper it kinda looked like a weird octopus thing but it was flying or floating. The battle its self was a disaster for me not only was my stomach hurting all thru the battle the creature shrilled and hurt my ears, so not only did I shame myself for not even striking it once but even if I did hit it I couldn't even put my full power in it. Well the good thing is its defeated thanks to the dragon born I do feel sorry that the others have to pick up my slack.

Well right after the fight with the Darkmantle guess who showed up that annoying kid my sponsor Snap-On to let us know that their was a magic box that could take any of us at any time. Then he told us that the one who didn't want to listen to him was being eaten by rats demonic rats. I knew they wanted to shut the door but my lust for bloodshed was to great they could of shut the door behind me. I'm glad that they didn't cause I was still sick and probably would of been rat food at least they didn't hump me... I didn't sleep well due to the big half elf night terrors but its not his fault I'm just in a bad mood I think the next thing we run into might regret me being in a bad mood.

Well my mood seem to lift to my normal blood-lust state but only because we had more enemy called stirges we took care of them pretty quickly but again I messed up again tripped over my own two feet again this new body is so hard to get use to I almost feel like I'm slowing my team down with my blunders. We pasted a very cold room we can use this dungeon to our advantage and put food or other things that need to be kept cold in there. Hopefully next time I write in here I can put something good that happend.

Well it seem like danger is around every corner not long after the fight with the stirges well battled six dire rats it wouldn't have taken so long if we didn't have to battle demons in our heads. It seem like the odds of us surviving this place are lower. But with the other warriors here we won't go down with out a fight. We all have our own battles we fight but once its all over we will stand tall.

This is the end of the second day and were already have some problems in the group. I'm going to start from the beginning after the battle with the dire rats we came up to a room where Guan and Jared both had gotten trapped in with a bunch of kobolds and a lizard. This battle was our first failure Jack died, so did I by the same fire ball but I was lucky right before I died I got my second chance ring and when I came back the other were negotiating there lives for there magic items. Thing were going fine but the little Kwik kobold whispered that he would kill us all so needless to say I lost my temper and attacked him no one threatens me or my friends and lives. Both Vicky and Guan said that they were holding me back but I think I was to far out there cause I don't remember much I just came to to have Vicky holding me back after I told her to let me go... her eyes the look of she just given up that she almost didn't care if I lived or died again. This day is over at least the funeral went ok and tomorrow were going to meet our new person. I just hope he isn't a conceded jerk who thinks hes more important than everyone else.

Its the end of the third day and what a day it is. We meet our new allies, one a punk that likes to fall a lot the other is a drow... well we have two drows now, ones Allryia and the other that split from her from another dimension err the same dungeon... I don't really know where he came from. We also meet a Ogre who smashed my face for taking a shower named Bragdor and a orc who's afraid of his own shadow. The most interesting 'person' was the cat lord, I felt a strange attraction for her, I can't really explain it. The encounters were short we fought two lizards and and whole bunch more of rats that were diseased. Me Mike and Vicky were all sick but since Vicky use the winds she was no longer sick. But what am I saying I"M SICK not only am I a living dead guy with no memories but NOW I'M SICK, I have all the luck. Well anyway a couple of us decided to help the cat lord find these artifacts and even gave some of us (not me) visions. Well at least Guan showed us what he saw. Last Vicky changed in to a human and she still... well Vicky the only different is she stares at Guan a lot more and blushes a lot when he talks to her, I wonder if she likes him. Well I wonder what will happen today. Oh and Malklyr got swallowed up by the same box that took Hurm...Kinda creepy.

Another day is on its way to end soon and most of it was walking room to room, very boring but the others were not they said it was more creepy than anything but i disagree... I know what a shock. I found a great room it was very comfy for me I didn't understand it then and I still don't know why now. But since I do have a a way to understand magic better now I may try to go back and stay in that room. The rough pat was getting out of the room it was trapped and I couldn't get out without getting frozen in place very uneventful. And that's what brings us here in this room we heard voices and decided to check it out Vicky tried to see if there were any traps and she said there wasn't any so we opened the door and most of us got hit by a trap that was on the door which pissed me off and I charged in the room and saw the two lizard men one was a hunter the other was a mystic and good thing Guan told me to look out for the snake that was above the door I missed it running in the room. So make a long story short the mystic killed the snake I poisoned the Mystic and now were sleeping in the same room as the hunter which everyone want to be alive exect for me... another big shock there.

What a long day! It all started with a rude wake up of what sounded like someone pounding on the door and that's when all the chaos began. When trying to figure out how to open the door that annoying box appeared and instead of bring someone in it spat out the MOST ANNOYING person I've ever known (which bring the grand total of 11) comes out named Styg. He's gets under my skin more than Mike or "The Situation" has ever done. I do wonder if this earth he's came from if its is his home, I guess everyone is from his home since he said everyone there is from earth. But the sad news more of our friends died from the fight with the lizard men and from a force that we don't really know what it is. Allyria and Malklyr (after we've opened the door) now lay dead at our feet. The door was covered with a glue substance that is very hard to get off and who ever did the act also wrote a message 'Who dies next, John?' So the hunt was on for me to find who did this but first we've had to give our friends a decent funeral in the same place we burnt Jack. So along the way Styg decides that it great to stop at every sing room and talk loudly. So something that should of taken moments turned into hours. It not like we had something important to do. He still wonders why I was pissed at him. So after we finally got the the place to burn the bodies Styg started to put his nose where it didn't belong and got his foot stuck in a bear trap. which I helped him get out of, I should of just let him rot. We also found out that something took Jack belongings with another message 'Burn Drow here, John.' Whoever is doing this will feel all my wrath on him or it. Guan Jared and I all went to see if we could find out who was doing this while Vicky, Styg and Turag we're all searching another room. When we found the trail Guan said it would be a good idea to get the others after he sucked out poison from Jared's hand with another message saying 'Die'. So when we came back Vicky and Styg were talking to another person and his name is Richard kinda weird he seems to have different personalities and keeps calling me Johnny even thou my name is John, but other than that he seems ok. After the funeral that's when we all started to hunt for what was going on. Vicky didn't like the idea of finding what I think is Kwik, but its better to find someone who trying to kill you before he finds you. So after finding more traps and Allyria magic rod that she gave to the kobolds glued with another message 'Stay awhile John' we decided to 'talk to the kobolds' aka Vicky wanted to do things peaceful, I wanted to rip there hearts from there chest. Along the way we see right before the door to the kobolds Jacks armor laying in the same place he died with the koblold wizard inside covered in that magic glue. So Styg thought with all his greed that even thou he only known us for a mere couple of hours that Jack's armor should be his so he moved it without having anyone of us check for traps which could of very well killed over half of our party with poison. So after the spores of poison set Guan and I started to wedge open the door to the kobolds lair which had been covered in the same magic glue and also the point Styg and I got really nasty that fool actually accuse me of being involved in the deaths of my friends and is actually working with the kobolds... You know the ones that I'm going crazy over wanting to kill. Good thing Guan calmed me down or I've would of killed him right there. Once we got the sticky door opened Richard Styg and I went in and looked around we've found nothing but for some reason Styg decided to whisper to Richard and tell him lies WHEN I WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM I heard everything so I tried to tell Richard about his lies but he didn't want to take sides which I didn't want him to take a side I just didn't want him to look like a fool with the lies in his ears. When I was talking to him he kept messing around with the door we were standing next to... so I opened it up and got a face full of that stupid glue, good thing Richard had that glue remover or I've would of re-died. So after that I confronted Styg about his lies which led no where and he kept trying to search in on spot. If he think there is a chance of him and I being friends he had better rethink it. So after that we decided to go back to where the ogre was, I needed to talk to the Cat-Lord anyways so we went back and I talked to her and Snap-On about many things. Snap-On decided that it was a good time to have everyone talk to there own sponsor. I agreed and it seems Guan sponsor beat him up and Jared didn't even go see his sponsor, I don't blame him ether. So after a short rest we went back on the trail again at which Styg reviled that his quest to get a second chance ring was to destroy the winds before I had a chance to use it. Someone or something dosen't want me to change with the winds. I wonder why.... After a fight with some darkmantles which I DIDN"T GET ONE KILL! We went down the hallway and fought more tougher ones. Styg almost died in the battle oh well there's always next battle. After the battle we searched the rooms and found nothing then we found a room that had a collapse being curious we tried to open it with Guan's crowbar that he found when another collapse happened I managed to move out of the way but I was still in the room with Guan who got the most of the collapse on him. I wasn't going to just stay there and watch him die so I helped him get the rocks off of him then we were stuck in the room and losing air fast good thing I could still communicate with Vicky. I'm so tired now and I know tomorrow is going to be the same chaos.


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