Tanner's Tortured Teepee

In between all the work and all the beatings, has Tarner had a chance to read any of the book (which he was presumably able to successfully smuggle)? If so, what does he learn?

Nothing yet. You'll need to get out away to have a little more free time.

Alright, the first thing that Tarner learns out of his new book is the so-called "Secret of the Infernal Prince". It makes his Fire powers more potent and includes a potent new spell called The Hellfire Heart.

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Okay, that is much better than the Spellscar. The spellscar wasn't doing anything for me anyway.

Also, would it be considered "evil" if, if I ever get it, I use Devil's Due to reduce Eduardo's healing surge value just because I don't like him? :P

Actually, I'm going to put off changing themes until we hit level 4; I've got some roleplaying ideas I want to implement.

Okay. No worries.

I still like the idea of me getting a Flaming Morningstar, and next level retraining Eldritch Blast for Eldritch Strike (At-will, does 1[W] damage and is based off Constitution or Charisma. I'd be picking Constitution of course). Tarner has so much HP that I like the idea of him getting into melee range, busting some heads in with a flaming morningstar, then getting out and laying them down from a distance. I almost never use Eldritch Blast, as Hellish Rebuke has a good effect and is more accurate (thanks to my Infernal Prince theme effect). But, if I get a Flaming Morningstar, then all damage that it deals counts as fire damage, and thus would get +1 to hit from my Infernal Prince effect. And it lets me actually take advantage of my Prime Shot class feature, as normally Gruunk is all up in the enemy's faces and thus Prime Shot does nothing for me. Most of all, though, I'd like something that would let me survive in melee, and I like this concept.


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