Chapter 1 - Return to the Wold - IC

As Dougan runs onto the scene his appearance provokes a reaction from the assembled siegemakers. The wolves growl a warning and the brigands turn to face the mighty half-orc, still clutching crossbows or torches.

The spokesman scowls and waves his arm.

"Finally you show yourselves. Now, move on!" he snarls. "This is Iron Circle business!"

From inside the farmhouse you hear a woman's voice shout angrily.

"Business? It looks like robbery and murder to me!"

"I...uh...." Dougan says, suddenly at a loss.

"Ain't gonna let you bully nobody, Iron Hoop man. Let the lady go." He says, baring his teeth. Then he rushes forward, steeling himself for the rain of blows that will surely follow.

As Dougan continues his run into the compound of the steading, the two wolves dart forward to intercept him. Both snarl as they lunge with rabid teeth towards the half-orcs muscly legs but he nimbly evades their clumsy attacks.

"I warned you! Torch the place!" shouts the Iron Circle leader. His two comrades follow the orders tossing the torches into the thatched roof of the farm building which immediately begins to burn. All four turn towards the half-orc infiltrator, hands on the hilts of their curved scimitars.

Halfling Rogue

Wik continues running with all the speed her short legs can offer. With no further need for subtlety, she draws her weapons and prepares to fight.

Valdred the Green
Bounty Hunter of Marl

As soon as Valdred could see the wolf crouch in preparation of attack, he let loose his bolts. The fist caught the wolf in the haunches, but the second, meant for the leader, went astray and embedded itself in the wagon. He cursed when he saw the torches light the thatch on fire, but there was little he could do about it now. Their best chance was to kill the brigands quick and give the dwellers a chance to escape.

As battle is joined, the Iron Circle brigands look to their leader for direction.

"This is not the archer. There's more of them coming. Bent, guard this gate. The rest of you, finish this one quickly and get ready for more of his kind."

One of the brigands moves to guard the side gate, his crossbow trained on the path leading up to the steading. The others descend on Dougan. Blows rain down from their recently sharpened scimitars but the doughty half-orc is able to lead the villains a merry dance. He bends this way and that and somehow none of the brigand's blows land at the same time that Dougan is in the place where they cleave the mild air.

Riven Cambryn
Human Paladin of Bahamut

Current HP: 33/33 (12)

Gritting his teeth, Riven continues his sprint towards the farm stead. A look of concern fills his face as the roof blazes to life and Dougan gets swarmed by these dogs. Pushing himself as fast as his legs will muster, he tries to get to the fight.

Aliss Weaver
The Flamescarred

Aliss follows after the others. In particular, she follows after the heavily-armored Riven, trusting that his plate would protect her from threats better than the heavy smith's apron she wore. She'd tried wearing armor after Munir'd proposed his crazy adventure but it felt unnatural to move in, and metal heated by her magic stayed hot, making using her powers even more uncomfortable...

Munir Foehammer

Upon seeing red flames rise, Munir redoubles his efforts trying to run as quickly as he can. "Darn armor." he mutters under his breath while continuing towards the source of trouble.

"Raaaaaaaaaaagh!" Dougan shouts uncontrollably. His vision flashed red. Bullies and their dogs all around, trying to beat him down. But he wouldn't let them hurt him. He'd hurt them back, make them pay. Whirling in place, he punches one of them in the jaw, headbutts another, slams his elbow into one man's throat, sending him to the ground with a sputtering choke, and then knees the wolf in the head with a sickening crack.

As his vision clears, he stares at the last brigand and his wolf, grinning fiercely.

"Don't s'pose you'd like to put out that fire, now?"

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