Seth Lexin

Seth Lexin

Name: Seth Lexin

Appearance: Scruffy, short, jet black hair. Hazel eyes. Medium build. Wears casual clothing; often a simple black T-shirt with an open-front jacket over the top.

Background Information: Seth is an orphan. Abandoned by his parents as an infant, he was raised in a foster home in Pallet town. Even as a child, Seth dreamed of adventure. His foster mother would often find him sneaking away to the edge of town, where he would sit and simply stare off along the road, daydreaming. Other times he would sit and listen, rapt in the way that comes only to wide eyed innocence, to the stories and legends of trainers and the pinnacle of every master, the Elite Four, longing for the day he would leave town and forge his own path.
That day never came, however. The Blight changed everything, dashing Seth's dreams against the rocks, and he became quiet, withdrawn. He waited for the day he could return to the road, but as the time passed, that hope shrank. Although some small part of him remained hopeful, he turned to other things to sate his curiosity. Machinery, technology, anything he could get his hands on. He still dreams of the day he can finally go out and start his own legend, but until then, he continues to tinker, much to his foster parent's despair...

Goal: Seth has no specific goal. He wants to travel and explore. He is driven by an innate sense of curiosity and adventure. For him, that is enough.

* Snorunt/Froslass
* Vulpix/Ninetails
* Absol
* Spearow/Fearow
* Eevee/Espeon
* Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion

Writing Sample:
Seth sat nearby, only half paying attention to what the others were saying. He sat slumped with his back against the wall, sketchbook in hand, as always, pen tucked behind his ear. He glanced up as the conversation died down, a slight, wry smile on his face;
"You guys finished?" He inquired teasingly. "Believe it or not, some of us have better things to do than sit around talking about the weather." He stretched his shoulders, stiff from resting for so long, and headed for the door. He stopped dead, however, a confused look on his face. Turning, he shook his head slightly in disbelief, retracing his steps to where he had been sitting, scooping up the sketchpad from where it had fallen to the ground, before turning to leave once more.
This time, He didn't stop...

Probable Character Class: Capture Specialist Followed by either Technician or Pokeball Design

Trainer Character Sheet
Name : Seth Lexin       |Gender: Male            |Max HP : 
Age    : 19                  |Height: 6'0                |Money  : 
Level  : 1                    |Weight: 175lbs          |Pokemon:(?/?)
Classes: Capture Specialist

STR | 10  |  0  |  10  | 0
DEX | 15  |  0  |  14  | +2
CON |  7  |  0  |   9   | -2
INT  | 14  |  0  |  12  | +1
WIS |  9  |  0  |   9   | -1
CHA | 11  |  0  |  11  | 0
Current Team

Stored Pokemon


Trigger: You throw a Poke Ball. Effect: Subtract either half of your DEX modifier or half of your INT modifier from your d100 rolls when throwing any Poke Ball.
Capture Point
Daily – Every 5 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day. Trigger: You throw a Poke Ball. Effect: You may deal X damage to the target you are throwing a Poke Ball at where X is your DEX modifier. The target’s Defense or Special Defense cannot reduce this damage. This Feature cannot be used when throwing Pokeballs as part of an Arms Attack, but may be used when releasing a Pokemon or attempting a Capture roll, or when throwing a Poke Ball specifically to trigger Curve Ball.
Curve Ball ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- INVENTORY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokedex: 0 Caught, 0 Seen

I think that's everything. let me know if I missed something.

Cool. Oh, also; if you want examples of other games I'm in, THIS ONE is probably the best example, as it's a free-form...

Shyla: Nidoran F

Nidoran F
Average Attributes
Speed Capabilties Overland: 6
Power: 1 Elemental Classification Poison -
Sky: 0
Int: 3
Surface: 4
Jump: 2
Burrow: 4
Underwater: 0

Nidoran is a small indigo, Pokemon with large ears, whiskers and front teeth. They are covered with small spines primarily on their back which can release potent poisons if Nidoran is threatened. Nidoran doesn't seem to possess any fur, similar to reptiles. Herbivore.

Mareth: Murkrow

Murkrow is a small avian with black feathers. Its shaggy, feathery tail bears the resemblance of the end of a broom. Murkrow has a crooked, yellow beak, and a feather-crest that resembles a witch’s. Murkrow has four toes on its yellow feet. Omnivore.

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