Character Applications

Character Applications

Please post a physical description and a background brief here. I'm especially interested in how you came to be in the party. The family have some funds to hire men, but they'd probably turn to friends for help first...

Alexander Milton Paget

(Image not completely representative of Lord Alexander. Alex hasn't got a wristwatch, for one.)

The name of Alexander Paget - technically, Lord Alexander Milton Paget, if one wished to be formal - is a known quantity in New York society. At first glance, 'Alex', as he insists on being called, is a typical foppish English remittance man, reliable entertainment in New York high society, one who can be counted on to make a fool of himself by simply being an Englishman in New York.

Those who think this of him are shortsighted fools who think exactly what he wants them to think. Alex's great-grandfather was Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey, and a veteran of Waterloo, and while Alex has never served in the military, he is no fool. Tall, fair-haired, and green-eyed, when the twenty-six-year-old wishes, his accent can grow painfully British, right out of Uxbridge in Middlesex, though he only uses this when acting the English fop for the right audience. Around people he feels comfortable with, Alex's accent reverts to its natural state and not the deliberately affected American perception of a British accent.

Though Alex without doubt lives mainly on the money sent to him by his family, he is not the fop New York society thinks he is. He maintains his facade of foppishness in the months he stays in New York, and completely discards it while he's in the West. He prefers not to speak of what he does out West, but to those who know him not as a fop, it's something that apparently requires he bring a Winchester rifle and a Colt Frontier revolver, and a sufficient amount of .44-40 cartridges.

Among Alex's prized possessions is a pocket watch made by Mr Hart, late of Clerkenwell; it was made for his father and was passed on to Alex before he went to America. Marquess Anglesey, who recalled the excellent watch he once possessed, requested that an eye be kept on the Harts. Once Alexander heard that Mr Hart was putting together a party to find his departed daughter, he was among the first to present himself at the Harts' house for that purpose.

Oath, as embodied by the following:
"Fight for those who cannot defend themselves. Fight to uphold a cause that is right. And if you have any strength left, fight to save yourself."

Idaina Kensaku

(Minus the arrow tattoos)

A man of obvious Asian descent is sitting cross-legged on the floor of the monastery. His shaved head shines from the light, and his white mustache twitches as he breathes. His hands are pressed together as in prayer, and the man seems to be deep in concentration. Slowly, one eye opens and looks at you, the deep blue orb telling of the myriads of wisdom contained within. He stands up, his orange robes rustling after having settled onto his form that had sat, unmoving, for hours. He appears to be about in his mid-forties to early fifties, although the whiteness of the mustache says otherwise. He walks over to you and shakes your hand, his grip surprisingly strong for someone of his age. When he speaks, he has a noticeable Japanese accent. His words can be made out, but barely. "Ah, hello my friend. I had not noticed your entrance. Do you seek guidance on the Path to Enlightenment? Or perhaps you have come to seek advice in your journey through this life."

Your answer is short, and simple; a request to talk, nothing more. The monk's face scrunches up slightly, noting the tone of your voice. "What is the matter, friend?... Come. We shall discuss over tea." He goes into a back room, motioning for you to follow him. You enter a room that most likely serves as a kitchen, although it does not look it. There are few items inside; What is there is dirty and worn. He retrieves an old, beat-up pot and begins to heat water over a small fire. He carefully places leaves into two small cups, and pours the boiling water over them to let them steep. The entire time, his eyes watch you, those magnificent orbs probing deep into your soul.

Returning to the front room, the man retrieves a small mat and places it on the floor. He motions for you to sit on it, himself taking the hard ground. He carefully sips his tea. "I dislike having such things in a place of Enlightenment, but I understand that not all visitors are comfortable drinking water on the ground. So I tolerate it. It may delay my journey on the Road to Enlightenment, but anything I can do to make someone else more comfortable is more important than my own needs." He carefully places his cup on the ground and lets his hands rest on his knees. "Now, what is it that has happened, my friend? I understand you have been in a hard way ever since Rebecca left."

That's actually what you came to talk about, you mention. You're organizing a party to search for Rebecca. The man sighs and takes another sip of tea. "James, my friend... I understand how you must feel after she left. But you must understand that she has chosen her own path now, and must follow where it takes her. There is no looking back on your path, only forward. I do not think of when I was twenty-two and left my home of Kyoto. I think only of the future, and my road to Enlightenment."

Oh, you're fine with her leaving, you say. But you haven't heard from her in a while, and you're getting worried. "If you really wish, James, then I shall come with you. I have done all I can in this town. I have tried to help them along their path, and now they must follow as it leads." With that, the man stands up, his tea finished. He cleans everything up, then follows you out of the monastery.

Background: Idaina was born in Kyoto in 1832. He led a simple life, raised in a Buddhist monastery and set on the path to Enlightenment. At the age of twenty-two, when he learned of how much greed and envy existed in the United States, he left and moved to New York to try and enlighten people. He created a monastery and preached the teachings of Buddha. He soon became friends with the Harts, helping Rebecca through her teenage years with his wisdom. When she left to the West, he simply wished her well on her path through life, and continued preaching. When James Hart approached him to help search for Rebecca, he went somewhat reluctantly. He hopes to help the Harts grant forgiveness to their daughter, as well as make sure she's alright.

Quirks: Hippocratic Oath, Pious, Forgiving

(Flies-with-Crows, Bringer-of-Crows)

(The above image does not belong to me, it is simply a visual reference.)

Let the Northerners make their claims about being tolerant of the colored man. It meant little to William Jackson, who came from the West in 1875. Despite what the white man said, most people of New York didn't see Will as a person, or at least one who was one the same level as a non-colored person. Most refused to give him a job, and those that did refused to give him an honest wage. Will likely would've starved to death were it not for the intercession of a kindly old watchmaker from "across the pond," as he always put it. The Harts offered to take the disheveled man in and treated him as one of their own, clothing him, feeding him, and boarding him. In exchange, Will did what he could to help the family, whether it was running errands, cleaning up Mr. Hart's workshop, or any other odd job the Harts needed. Will and Mr. Hart became fast friends who respected each other immensely, the former because of Hart's tolerance and piety, and the latter because of Will's disciplined attitude. When Mr. Hart decided to try and find his long-lost daughter, he wasn't overly surprised when Will volunteered to help them find her. Unwilling to send him at first, Will explained his past before coming to New York and being employed by the Harts.

He explained that he was a slave, born on a plantation in Tennessee. He explained how he ran away from his masters when he was fifteen, joining up with a volunteered color regiment to help free his friends and family. How he had fought at Gettysburg and Cold Harbor and Vicksburg. How when the war was over, he went West to fight natives and make a life for himself as a 'Buffalo Soldier.' How he knew the land out there, knew how to survive the blistering heat and chilling nights.

Suffice to say, James Hart was impressed, if not by Will's record than by his spirit to help the Hart family.

Juan-Carlos Morales a.k.a "El Lobo Negro"

Thank you for your applications. I am pleased to say that I can't choose between you, and I can't see 6 players being that much worse than 5, so you are all invited to join the festivities, along with SmokeyGB, who will be taking on the role of Henry (John will be NPC'd for the opening of the story, before I write him out in whatever fashion takes my fancy). I'll set up the rest of the forum in the morning, and we can take the weekend to finish all of your characters, before we start some time at the beginning of the week. I look forward to leading you all in this adventure

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