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We have 6. I'll maybe take 1 more, maybe.

We'll start up around Mondayish. I'm on the road this week, but will answer questions as fast as I can about char creation.

Hi, looking forward to gaming with all of you. Right now I'm jumping into the character creation mechanics. Should have a draft sheet posted soon. I'm new to CP2020 so everyone feel free to tell me if I'm doing something I will regret later.

@DK Rough: There hasn't been much comment yet, so I'm guessing no change in stat array or limits on their allocation? Side note - isn't Clan (Native tongue) SL Standard English? If so can I swap my 2 point Language (English) to Japanese to and bump English up to Native?

@Fiend: Well, the big thing to remember is CP2020/Interlock is a Stat+Skill+1d10 roll nine times out of then; so when leveling you'll likely get more leverage out of boosting stats first (as they impact more skills per point spent) but otherwise there's not much you can really do to hurt yourself. If you look at the skill list you should be able to see which stats impact what and what you're likely to get the most milage out of - as a general rule of thumb a high REF will serve you well in combat and INT is a solid second best. Though, as DkRough said, combat is lethal and being able to say "you know what, I DON'T die" could come in handy - Luck is good for that and pretty much anything else when it comes right down to it . . .

Thanks Cirlot, that's helpful. Regarding languages, I was wondering the exact same thing (4 English 2 Japanese).

Also is the vehicle price list up somewhere already?

Ditto on that question - I'm looking to pick up a used (probably stolen) bike for 1500 c-bills or so.
And ye-gads, with the cost mulitpliers weapons and cyberware gets expensive . . . .

Hey all! Newb here.

What's the difference between a cowl and a facemask (for cybernetics), aside from price? They both add 25 SP to head right?

Also, would those be subdermal? I'd like to protect my character's skull, but not if it means he has a metal bag over his head (although that would probably be an improvement).

On Languages: Sure, clan language is English. Also, I'm not an RP enforcer on the whole clan-linguistics thing. If you want to say "yes", you can say "yes" instead of "aff". And go nuts with contractions. I don't want to force people to spend a half-hour proofreading a paragraph to make sure all the language is right. (Side note- I played a trueborn clan elemental in a game once, where language was enforced. Yuck. Talking was so unfun I just stopped talking and punched everything, which oddly enough was still in-character.)

On Stats- I didn't get a lot of feedback on it, and I don't want to advertise one way and change course midway without some feedback from the players. So for now, yes, everyone does get a 10pt stat. And I figure REF, INT, and LUCK will be the ones, in general, to get 10s.

On vehicles- I'm not going to convert vehicles en masse to CP 2020. Instead, pick up any of the standard BT books and pull vehicles out of there. A Time of War and Technical Readout 3070 (I think, maybe 3075) have vehicles in them. The prices and availability are all as per those books. In fact, probably should stick that in the equipment thread, so I will.

On cost- Yup, by design. Anything "military grade" I wanted to be expensive. I wanted you to have access to it, but it'd be tough to choose which. Cyberpunk, cyberware was cheap and easy to grab. Of course, Cyberpunk cyberware would tear up your EMP, so ... I have no idea what my point was. Stuff is expensive.

On cowl/faceplate- Mostly asthetics, but one is cheap but costs more humanity, the other is more expensive. So far, humanity isn't a big issue for you all, but never know if it could be. They are external by the way, big hunks of metal grafted to your head. Think Breetai or Stark (Farscape). They may have roleplaying negative effects, but hey, nobody likes getting their face blown off.

Hmmm - I only have the old 3rd Edition RPG and all my tech manuals are 3058 or earlier: so trolling google for Battletech bikes . . . would this work? The DB-6000 Defiance Bluestreak Monocycle, as archived by the Sarnawiki? Clocks in at 920 C-Bills if the wiki's accurate, and I'm assuming just by looking at it that it's unarmored.

Can we add mods to the weapons? They don't have a mods capacity attribute at the moment.

Also, do we get armor mods?

It's kind of hard to offer feedback yet on the stats, because I'm totally unfamiliar with cyberpunk anyway. I don't know what's yours and what's not. It seems OK to me though.

Defiance Bluestreak D/B/B (pg159 of the handbook)

That D makes it a bit more expensive.

The generic FLASHBANG ZZ10000 MOTORCYCLE C/A/B 600 0/0/0 (2) 10/P 1,282KM 108/162 CC 1/0 21 is a cheap-o alternative.

Weapons mods- oh, yeah, obviously spaced off doing that. For now, assume you can put 1 on a weapon as long as it "makes sense" (no bayonets on pistols) (once the rules are done, you can probably put a bayonet on a pistol, but then I won't care about makes sense).

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