Port Wander-Group IC

Zane returned to the Inquisitor's side. "Couldn't find anything. Ready to go when you are sir."

"Unrelenting Light, just keep track of that shuttle, and any ship it docks with. We will be departing shortly in our shuttles and will rendevous with you in the shortest order."

"Flight control, thank you for your assistace. We will take over the matter from here. Please prepare a listing of all nearby moored ships, their owners, captains and last known locations."

To the rest, making sure they are far away from the refugees: "As soon as Sarena is back, and the commisariat arrives, we can depart. Make best speed for the Unrelenting light. Once aboard we can attempt to board the fleeing shuttle, and its destination. If you have any suggestions about the boarding please voice them now."

"Well, if the Shuttle has an air tight cockpit, they could only fit a couple in there on the chance there is several on it. Puncture some holes in the side and let the rest breath in some nice void. Possibly send a warning first if we can."

Terrellios reports no explosives detected then he listens to the other comments before making his own. "Killing them is trivial. Live capture is more difficult. My recommendation breach the shuttle with a boarding pod, fire in incapacitating grenades, then go to hand to hand combat."

"Unrelenting Light to ground party. A ship is moving to link up with the shuttle. It is broadcasting a transponder code matching that of the Advocate, a Dauntless class light cruiser that is said to be held by a Rogue Trader by the name of Destris Marrick. Inquisitor, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this has to be a chaos held ship."

Mordred's fists clench at the words he hears from the Unrelenting Light. His helm turns to look at the Inquisitor expectantly. "We must go now Inquisitor, before it becomes too late. Our answers lay on that shuttle and on that ship, not here upon this station."

"I agree with Brother Mordred. We must depart." This mission has been one surprise after another and chaos has managed to catch them off guard to many times.

The Battle Sisters armor is returned to her, clean but not yet blessed.

"I would get the cogboys to bless it ma'am but it is disease free."

Your quick shower has got the gunk and most of the smell off of you. You at lease know that you wont be spreading any physical ailments and your skin smells failtly of the detox chemical and bleach from the CRB showers.

You will need time to anoint and oil your skin properly but you don't have the time as you listen to the vox exchanges taking place.

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