Elnes Verean

Back at the job board Elnes checks to see if anyone has taken the boar hunting job. Seeing that it was still available Elnes asks Sanrad " Um Mr. Sanrad do you know the name of the specialist in Kokomo looking for the boar tusks and how many he needs?"

Elnes remembers seeing a boar when Gibbli and him were looking for the Shocker Lizards and figures he can start their and maybe track it.

Sanrad thinks for a moment. "I think his name was Mr. Wan, he just needs two, but they need to be big. Also, I think Paktow ran out to find it, so you might find him out there somewhere."

I didn't realize Paktow went after the boar. I will post here and will switch to his thread when/if I run into him.

"Ok thanks, I will keep an eye out for him."

Elnes heads out to the spot he last saw the boar keeping an
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 10)
eye out for Paktow. ' He's a litiile small to be going aafter a boar, at least by him self' Elnes thought as he walked.

You don't see Paktow anywhere but you do find a bait that he must be using to lure it into a trap, though right now you can't seem to spot the trap.

Elnes sees what looks like bait lying on the ground though he see no sign of the hyper kobold anywhere. Looking around Elnes
Dice Roll: 1d20+4
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 14)
listens to his surroundings thinking he might be able to hear him or the boar.

You hear a swish and a boar squealing. (you should move to Paktows thread, he doesn't see you yet, and you don't see him.)

Elnes stops at the jobs/ class board, looking them over he decides to get the fruit for Mr. Sanrad. Elnes is a pretty good climber and he thinks fruit tastes better then saw dust.

Elnes heads home to clean up and ends up falling asleep listening to his mom talk about her day. Waking up 2 hours later, Elnes thinks 'Oh no I hope Mr. Sanrad is not mad.' He rushes out the door to Sanrads shack, kissing his mother good bye.

Arriving at Sanrads Elnes says " Sorry Mr. Sanrad I fell asleep hope you’re not to mad, it was hard work going after that boar. I have decided to go after the fruit. Do you have a sack or basket I can put it in?"

"That's fine, here you go." Sanrad hands you a sack. "Don't bruise them." he then goes back to watching villagers working.


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