Takatoshi, Apprentice Shaman

Takatoshi, Apprentice Shaman

-What's the Magic Word-
A traveling mage has just gotten a letter that he needs to identify a big stack of magic scrolls quickly and return back to his home town with them.
Sanrad told him he'd get some of his students to help identify them quicker.
Job 1

Taka sometimes felt taken advantage of because of his submissive personality. Until recently, almost everything he had done up until now had been at someone else's whim, be it the monks or some of the other local kids. This time, though, he was actively saying (if only to himself) that he was the one calling the shots. Sure, Sanrad had pointed out the task at hand, but he was the one who decided to do it, and that felt good. Now all that was left was to not totally fail at it.

He took a quick stop at his home to drop of his faithful hound and gear himself up proper. The new stuff he had gotten from the merchant was heavy, but he figured he would have to just grin and bear it. Unfortunately, when he tried to leave, his faithful hound didn't seem to want him to leave alone. It took a bit of coercion to get him to sit still; it seemed Jo was getting too use to all the walks he had been having. Eventually he stayed put, and the boy was free to go find this 'traveling mage' fellow that he had tasked himself to help out.

You follow the directions on the paper, telling you to go to the big pole in the center of the trading stalls. Once there, you find a table set up with 4 stacks of papers, about as tall as Paktow. A young man sits at the table staring at a piece of paper, the look of confusion all over his face.

When he read 'big stack of scrolls', he wasn't expecting a mountain of them. This was likely going to be an all-day thing, possibly multiple days. Taka approached a bit cautiously, now suddenly unsure of his ability to be of assistance. "H-hello? I'm one of Sanrad's students, here to help out with the scrolls."

"Oh thank goodness!" The boy stands and shakes your hand repeatedly. "I have no idea what I'm doing here! They sent me to get these papers and scrolls for them, now they want me to identify them too?? I don't know how!"

It seemed this boy was just as nervous about the pile of work as Taka was. That was bad. He let the boy vigorously shake his hand, if only because resisting wouldn't change the situation any. Still, one thing didn't pan out from the job description.

"Aren't you a magic-user of some kind? I mean, I suppose it doesn't matter, but the job was to help a traveling mage." Taka sits down by the pile and carefully takes one. The magical writing was at least somewhat familiar, at least. He would have been right embarrassed if he came to help out and couldn't even discern words from pictures. "Well, we'd better get to work. This looks like it could take days. When do you need to get back with them?"

I have no idea how many scrolls there are, so I'm not sure how many Spellcraft checks to make. Unless I roll awesome for all of them, though, this will take me more than a day to do. I hope the kid doesn't mind.

"Well..I'm training to be...but anyways...we have to get them done as soon as possible." The boy sits down and begins looking over them again.

You can use Knowledge (Arcana) or Spellcraft checks. You can use one per pile, per day. So 4 checks a day. 4 good checks means you took a whole day but completed all of them. 2 good checks and 2 bad checks means you completed half but need another day to attempt to finish the rest. etc..DC is 10

Though he'd never say it, Taka wondered whether or not this other boy's sensei was more cruel than his own. Whatever the cast, there was lots of work to do, and it was going to take both of them to do it all. Hopefully, they'd get things done right the first time. However, considering how he had handled the last few tasks set before him, Taka had a feeling it was going to be more than just one long day...

The boy watches in amazement as you finish all the stacks before the afternoon is even over. "Wooow! You're great at that! Thanks so much!" He rummages around in his pocket and hands you a necklace with a small ornament on it, like an amulet. "Here, you can have this. My mentors gave me this to help with my studies but I can't figure out how it works, perhaps you'll have better luck with it." The boy waves as he sets off towards Kokomo. "Think I'll stay at the little inn in Kokomo for the night before I set off early tomorrow for home, thanks again for the help!"

It was long and very boring work, but somehow Taka had managed to deal with every single scroll. After setting aside the last piece of parchment, he looked up to see that there was still light out. In all honesty, he was surprised it only took that long to get done. With a sigh of relief, he stood and stretched.

The boy was probably making a bigger deal of his success than necessary, but a little praise couldn't hurt. Taka was a little surprised at the necklace, though. "Are you sure? Well, thank you very much. You're very kind." He looked over the pendant. He would have to work on figuring out what it did, though he wasn't exactly sure how he was going about doing that.

Taka watched as the other boy headed off towards Kokomo. He waved after him, quite pleased with himself at his first completed job. With some time left in the day, he figured he'd take a quick walk down to Sanrad's to inform him that he could cross off that listing...

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