Turning to look at the beach, Teagan waves goodbye to the other two, calling out that they'll meet them back at Sanrad's later before heading out with Randy to go see the Greys...

Feel free to use my thread to finish RPing, or if you want to persuade her to take some more challenges. IC, I think Teagan would leave, rather than deal with her anymore, but you're welcome to try

Elnes was glad he out-shot the girl that last round, maybe it will knock her down a notch. He had thought of asking her to go hunting boars with him but she was a little too full of herself.

" See you back at Sanrads." Elnes says to Gibbli, then turns and heads for town. He is hoping no one has taken that boar hunting job.

Gibbli hands over his 10g and follows behind Teagan
"Are we doing Mr Whiskers or helping with the flowers first?" says Gibbli.
Gibbli starts to skip and hop along with nothing else important to do.

Teagan leaves Sanrad's with the others. "Do you wanna go pick Jozen up on the way then?" she asks Taka, setting out on the path down to the village so they can fetch the dog before heading off on their adventure...

"Yeah, I guess. He'll probably jump all over us for a bit, since I left him alone for so long." Jozen was an overly-affectionate dog, which was probably why he constantly followed Taka to Sanrad's classes and to his missions. It usually wasn't so bad, but leaving him alone always seemed to wind him up. So long as they stopped only long enough to pick him up, Jo probably wouldn't give too much fuss.

He had been trying to keep his mind off of the fact that they were potentially going to face down the undead. Taka knew quite a bit about them, but he had never actually seen one before. Hopefully things would turn out OK when they got to wherever it was they were wandering off to...

Randy puts his hands behind his head and grins. He doesn't like the fact that Xiilph is coming along, although maybe he can convince Sanrad to count this both as the "Defeat the undead" and the "Watch Xiilph for a couple hours" missions. He says to Taka, "Well, just be careful. You might just blow Teagan's mind here."

It seemed Taka wasn't the only one Randy messed with. It wasn't bad or anything; harmless head games were certainly better than what some of the other kids around town would try to put him through. It was a good thing he had medical training.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry. I'm pretty sure the only one whose mind is going to be blown is Jozen's, because I brought people over." It was probably true, what with there being almost no reason to go to Taka's house; the boy himself was always with the monks, or Sanrad's these days, and it was rare that his faithful hound would stay still when he went out. Taka bringing people to Jozen rather than the other way around was different, at least.

Randy puts his arm around Teagan's shoulder. "Nah, not really. After all, you're able to deal with me, and there isn't much that's cuter." He laughs at his own fake arrogance. "That whole time I was kinda hoping an Anthune would show up. From what I've heard, those things are freakin' adorable. I've been considering getting one as a pet if I were able to catch it."


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