While the precise details of which shall arrive in game for now what needs to be known is a large sum of money (62,000 gold pieces in equivalence) will ~likely~ fall into the lap of each character.

As a result this thread is for hosting item purchases.
The rules for purchases is as follows.
Less than 13,000 gp in price will be easily found (100% rate)
Over 13,000 gp in price but less than 16,250 gp will have a high rate of being available (75% rate, roll of less than 76 on a d100 or less than 16 on a d20)
And you may either:
  • Select one item of choice can be found that's over 16,250 gp in price and doesn't need a roll; or
  • Select two items between 13,000 gp and 16,250 gp in price that you happen to find without need of a roll.
One may elect not to use either of the last options, but there are no bonus gains for missing out on an opportunity.

Planned purchases will be attached.
If I got the rules right, even the dreadful d100s should allow all the items on the list...
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