Alissa Jordan-Wright

That's fine with me. And man, I really hope Buscadera comes back - I had a lot of neat hooks to drop around the dwarves. But if he's going to be an NPC I might have to change my mind.

On my part, I'd like to have at least one more adventure with Alissa as a pure mortal, so she can learn Gunsmithing from Ulrik after this one and test her first field-capable weapon in the next (if that is feasible), letting her have a bit more fun as a mortal before being sucked into supernaturak politics.

About dwarven hooks, perhaps some of them could be re-worked for Alissa? She could very well become a "diplomat" of sorts In the supernatural world, connected to many factions, especially given Spring's once purpose of maintaining the Ways and traditions of the Nevernever.

Well, I've actually worked the dwarves into the Cindertooth angle, linking the two factions together of a sort. And since the Dwarves are technically kind of like Fae, it does work.

I'm going to change "It Just Comes to Me" aspect to "Afraid? Who, me?". This new Aspect is meant to symbolize both Alissa's struggle (and victory) over the supernatural, but also her lingering fear of it. Therefore, it could be invoked in acts of bravery, and compelled when the fear does take hold of her. Thoughts?

As for the Skill Point, I'm going to bring Empathy from Mediocre (+0) to Average (+1).

Both sound fine to me. I think an aspect change is definitely in order, at the very least.

Updated Alissa's sheet with the Gunsmith stunt, bringing her Refresh down to 5. Also went back on my previous choice of upping Empathy to Average, will instead save the skill point for later.

Works for me. I'm good with both.

Ruben, I had been thinking about Alissa's transition to becoming the Spring Knight, and I had been thinking that it would fit a bit both her own concept and the concept of the Lost Courts that she obtained Glamours as an ability (perhaps tied to her "sword" Item of Power), and I was thinking, would you allow it to be keyed off Lore instead of Deceit or Discipline?

Hmm. I'm fine with letting you get Glamours (and that may actually be your one "boon" instead of sponsored magic), but if you want it to key off Lore that would take a Stunt. And even then I'm sort of having trouble thinking of how that would work.

Yeah, I think straight-out magic is a no-no for Alissa. I had thought of having it be worth [-3] instead of [-2], which is basically the same as saying it needs a stunt. My reasoning is that she would be applying her theoretical knowledge of magic and illusions into her new-found power, allowing her to be extremely efficient with her glamours (thus making them key off of Lore instead of Deceit/Discipline).

I'm fine if it must remain on Deceit/Discipline, though, it's not something I would push too much. I just feel that having a high Lore ranking isn't doing much for Alissa at the moment.

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