Scene Two: The Star Wolf

Scene Two: The Star Wolf

As Alexis, Cody and Ice escort the professor to the private docks they pass a pair of Gran Quivera police officers heading to the arrival terminal.

At the private docks a screen display lists all of the ships berthed there. The Star Wolf is easy enough to find, dock seven. Arriving at the dock, the ship looks like a surplus assault scout, painted grey with blue markings. There is a saurian in a flight jacket waiting by the embarkation ramp, and he looks up and waves at them as they enter the dock.

"Hey there's Thiss'vik." Ice says as he waves back and moves over towards the ship. "How's it going Thiss'vik did you guys get a chance to check everything thing out. So where's Bekka I need to let her know that someone is seriously trying to hamper this mission."

Alexis takes a moment at the Wolf's hatch. She activates her comm and initiates a call to the GSS Liason Officer at Star Law.

She informs the Liason Officer about the incident with the fake Star Law Officers at the spaceport.

"Good to see you again, Ice," Thiss'vik replies, extending his hand to clasp the other's. Gesturing towards the ship, he adds, "The Captain is on the bridge confirming the navigation route. The course provided by the professor here is new."

The Professor nods, "Yes, the route was only recently fully mapped by CDC. My contact gave me the information." The professor proceeds on board the Star Wolf.

Thiss'vik looks behind Ice and Cody, then asks, "Where are Fly and the Doc?"

The GSS duty officer acknowledges Alexis' report and confirms that Boren T'Chal will be notified.

Ice shrugs, "Probably still playing with a dead man and a gorilla would be my guess." Hearing Alexis notify the GSS Liaison Ice heads on inside and towards the bridge. As walked the corridor he flat hand slaps the wall and says to the ship, "Good to see you old friend hope they've been taking good care of you."

Ice takes the lift up to the bridge and finds Captain Chalmers, Bekka, there at the navigation station. With the blue glow from the nav screen illuminating her face, and without looking up, she says, "You're late. What happened?" and there is a faint smile confirming the semi-seriousness of her admonishment.

Meanwhile, the pilot, Thiss'vik, addresses Alexis and Cody. "There are four double-cabins. The Captain has instructed that you, Ms. Grant and Professor Kral'ek may have a cabin to yourselves. The gentlemen will have to double-up." The airlock is on the crew deck (III), he leads the way to the lift and the deck diagram on the wall indicates each deck.

"Well seems the professor has fans, of the not so friendly type. Then we got stopped by a gorillan Star Law Officer and his partner." He knew his sister would probably not miss the incongruity of the Star Law and gorillan in the same context. "So how was your day, is the ship free of mites?"

Cody shrugs and shakes his head at the same time, a strange gesture but it goes with his rueful smile.

"I think we should do a quick sweep of the ship before the prof goes on board, that okay with you Thiss'vik?"

he asks.

I think its gorlian, not gorillian.

Assuming there are no interruptions along the way.
walks towards the Star Wolf, finding the docking point on the terminal and quickly heads to the ship ready to board, help those who were injured and then finally and hopfeully get some rest from all this drama and attacks.

Bekka, turns to face Ice, still sitting in the console chair, and gives him a familiar, half-believing smirk. "No one has been on-board unescorted since we docked, except the crew. Nothing to worry about. Drogo's gone her over and everything is ship-shape. You can tell me about the gorlian Star Lawman after we're in void-bound." Lifting up from the seat in the microgravity and tumbling with practiced ease to the next console over, she adds, "If you gys can help Thiss'vik seal up the ship and secure the Professor, I'll start the pre-flight countdown."

Thiss'vik, meanwhile, greets Cid at the boarding tube. "Welcome, Doctor. It seems your services are in demand. Crew deck, one down," he pints, indicating the aft/down direction on the ship. As soon as Cid is aboard, he seals the station-side of the tube and then the airlock behind him as he enters the ship.

With little fanfare the Star Wolf is given clearance to depart on the approved flight plan. Thiss'vik heads up to the bridge and the ship departs the station, heading away from Prenglar towards deep space.


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